Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 19th May 2022 Chimaji tells Radha that I can give my life for Kashi but she has taught me to stand for the right so I will support Baji today.

Baji and Kashi are waiting for people to vote using orange and white flags. People will orange flags are with Kashi. Chimaji changes his flag to orange also. Baji says why did you change your choice? Chimaji says Kashi silently sent those letters to everyone and we found out how much cruelty is happening there.

Those people deserve to be saved. All people give away their wealth to Baji and request him to go and save that village. Baji is emotional and says these people trust me this much? Kashi says yes, you never won wars to boost your ego but to save people.

You are our savior from Mughals. All chant for Baji. Radha asks Baji to not be emotional. Baji says the decision has been made already, I have to fulfill my people’s wishes so I will go on the war. Kashi smiles.

Kashi comes to her room and finds diyas lighting up there. Baji comes there and says I am just a warrior but you are my soul, you have made people trust in me. You have made me learn to keep my people first over anything else.

I am just a Peshwa but you do justice with everyone. Today everyone was standing with you and I was too. I want to do your pooja as a devi. Kashi says stop it, I am just a common woman, don’t make me cry. Baji says I have to do your pooja today, don’t stop me. He applies tilak to her and does her pooja.

Radha tells Kaviri that I won’t let Baji go on the war. I will stop Baji from using Kashi’s pregnancy news but I have to confirm with the doctor first.

Baji is ready for the war and gives a speech to his soldiers. He asks Chimaji to take care of everything here. He asks Sooriya to stay back for Kashi and everyone else. Radha comes there and asks him to be careful and win the war.

She asks about his route and leaves. Kashi does his pooja and he says we will spend time together once I am back. Kashi says things might change when you come back, I want a promise that you will always be mine. You should write letters to me, you can share anything with me. Baji says I can never do anything wrong. Kashi says I trust you completely, there is no space for anyone else between us. Baji says you are right.

Radha meets the doctor and asks if Kashi is pregnant or not? You know that I am Baji’s mother so you can’t hide anything from me. I can punish you for hiding it from Baji. The doctor is scared.

Kashi talks to herself and says I am not alone this time in waiting, me and my baby will wait for Baji now. She says Baji will make this baby into a warrior also. Radha comes there and says you have no right to hide this news from Baji, once he knows about it, he will come back. Kashi is shocked.

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Telecast Date:19th May 2022
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