Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 18th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 18th July 2022 Kashi is singing a lullaby for her son and says I am tired so just go to sleep. She puts him on the cot. Ganga comes there and asks what will be her decision? Everyone is riled up as it’s about their religion.

Kashi says I don’t know what to do. I don’t have a solution, she prays to the Lord and says how can I let this happen with my son? I can’t take away his future as a Peshwa but I need to help Baji too. Radha comes there and says we have to find a solution, I have a way out.

Chimaji gives instructions to Sooriya to start a fire in the jungle to kill Mastani. Sooriya says Baji is there right now. Chimaji says to send news to Baji that there is an attack nearby Mastani so he will go to check.

Kashi asks Radha what solution? Radha says I mean we will find a solution. Kashi hugs her and says I am tired, I have to think about everyone. These people can’t walk without a Peshwa but when will I get to think about myself?

Radha says you can cry as much as you want but I will take revenge for these tears and today only. Kashi says what do you mean? Radha asks her to go to sleep and leaves. Kashi says Radha is up to something. She tells Ganga that we have to go to Mastani.

Baji tells Mastani that I got a letter about an attack so I have to go and check. He hugs her and leaves. Chimaji and Sooriya are hiding there and see him going away. Chimaji gives orders to his men to start a fire in Mastani’s tent. Kashi comes there and sees that. She tells Ganga that if anything happens to Mastani then there will be a storm.

Sooriya is about to attack Mastani but Kashi goes to her. Chimaji says what is she doing here? Sooriya says she will never let us attack her, she is a great woman so we can’t attack right now.

Mastani sees Kashi and asks why is she here? Kashi says I had to come here. Chimaji says she is looking around, does she have an idea about the attack? Sooriya says I don’t know. Chimaji says we will attack once she leaves. Kashi goes inside the tent and tells Mastani that Baji is stubborn to bring you inside the palace.

Mastani says he is right. Kashi says you just think about yourself but have you thought about me and my son? Baji has ignored his son completely, he didn’t come to meet his son for days. Mastani says I didn’t come to snatch anything from you, I know I have hurt a lot of people but I love Baji a lot. I am not a bad person,

I don’t want to hurt anyone. Kashi says you keep hurting others but when it comes to you then you become a selfish lover? You don’t care if people have to sacrifice because of you. Mastani says Baji and I sacrificed the most for this love. Kashi sits down with her and says you could have stopped yourself when you knew Baji was married and he had a son. Mastani says I didn’t have anything in my hand,

I knew he was married but I accepted you also as his wife. I accepted his son as mine too. If I can accept everything then why can’t others accept me? Kashi says what kind of love is that where Baji has to fight everyone, even himself. Mastani says things around out of control already so I can’t back out. Kashi says then I will take a decision that’s best for this time.

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Telecast Date:18th July 2022
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