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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 17th May 2022 Kashi tells Ganga that the letters talked about Mughals attacking kids and mothers. What if something happens to my baby? I feel their pain as I am a mother too. Baji has to go there and save them, they are my people so I can’t celebrate when they are in trouble. I won’t tell anything to Baji till he is back from the war.

Radha talks to Kaviri and says Kashi was glowing today, I can’t be mistaken, it is some other happiness.

Ganga tells Kashi that you want to snatch Baji’s right to be happy for becoming a father? Kashi says I don’t have answers for that but I have an answer for saving my people.

Radha asks Kaviri to give her gift to Kashi and notes her reaction. Kaviri comes to Kashi with Radha’s gift. Kashi finds a small gold bangle as a gift and gets happy. Kaviri leaves. Ganga says Radha must have doubted and knows the truth. Kashi says she won’t’ tell anyone till she is sure. My baby has grandmother’s blessing now.

Chimaji comes back to the palace after winning the war. Baji says I am proud. Chimaji says it all happened because of Kashi. He takes Radha’s blessing. Kashi wishes him for his success. Chimaji touches her feet as respect. Baji says she has planned this event for your celebration. Chimaji says she is my second mother after all. Radha says right, as if I haven’t done anything for you.

All come to the palace to find a small baby cot there. Ganga whispers to Kashi that I prepared for your baby’s celebration. Kashi tells Chimaji that I have adopted you as my son that’s why this baby cot. Ganga says you both move the cot as a blessing. Baji and Kashi swing the baby cot together.

Baji says I am today so I will do anything today. He does all the rituals with Kashi as they would as parents. Radha notices all that. Kashi shows Radha’s gift. Chimaji says maybe she is hinting that she wants a grandkid from you both. Baji says that would be the happiest day of my life. Kashi smiles. Radha tells Kaviri that I am sure about this, and she asks to call the doctor.

Baji sits with Kashi and says after seeing the baby cot, it made me dream about our future. I have a wish to have my own kids, to play with them and to make them a warrior. He asks if they can have those moments? Kashi hugs him and says soon we will have this happiness. Baji thanks her and leaves. Kashi says I am sorry, I can’t tell you the truth but I don’t have a choice. She recalls about the letters.

Sooriya tells Baji that the village owner asked Shahu for help but he ignored them that’s why that girl from the village Mastani asked for your help. She knew that you would go to help them. Baji says I don’t fight for others, she can try but I won’t go. The soldier comes and says Kashi has called a big meeting. Baji says it must be to honor Chimaji.

All enter the courtroom for the meeting, Kashi starts it and says I will have a responsibility to a warrior today. All look on. Kashi says people attack to gain power but we do wars to protect our people. Kashi brings the box filled with letters and tells Baji that I read them all, a village has been attacked by mughals and they asked for your help but you never answered them, why? Baji looks on.

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Telecast Date:17th May 2022
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