Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 16th May 2022 Kashi tells Ganga that I am going out today with Baji, there will be soldiers or work between us. Kaviri brings a gift from Radha and leaves. Kashi reads the letter that she has made food for her as a return gift, I respect what you have done for Chimaji,

it’s my honor as a mother as you have been another mother for Chimaji. Kashi gets excited and eats her food. Ganga says I can’t trust her, you shouldn’t eat what she has made. Why didn’t she come and talk to you? Kashi says don’t think too much, she is a mother so she has a soft heart. Kashi feels pain in her stomach so Ganga goes to call a doctor.

Sooriya tells Baji that someone has attacked our checkpoint. Baji and the soldiers go to check in the jungle. They find someone hiding there and that person protects themselves from Baji’s arrows.

The person throws an arrow toward Baji with a letter attached to it. Baji reads that I didn’t hurt your soldiers but I just wanted to wake you up, you didn’t come to help us against the Mughals so what should take you as now? the person starts running away and it’s a woman. Baji says this girl is Mastani.

The doctor checks Kashi and says you are pregnant. Kashi gets happy hearing that and tells Ganga that I can’t believe it, Baji would go crazy hearing this news.

Kashi prays to lord for her baby and says I just hope we remain as a happy family. Ganga says we should give the news to everyone. Kashi says stop it, I will share it with everyone. We will celebrate the happiness together with everyone.

Kashi goes to find Baji. She asks around for him. She bumps into to Radha and asks about Baji. Radha says I don’t know where he is, don’t go running around the palace as you are a Peshwan. Kashi says I will be careful.

Kashi keeps looking for Baji and comes to his study. She finds letters there and starts reading them. The letter talks about a village being attacked and that Baji should come to save them.

The letters talk about people dying in their village as mughals have attacked them. Kashi cries reading that Baji didn’t come to save them and there were a lot of women killing their kids and themselves. She reads that Baji has disappointed them and he is their traitor. Kashi is stunned hearing all that.

Kashi thinks why was Baji silent even after getting so many letters? Baji comes there and says you were looking for me? Kashi says I have something to talk about. Baji says tell me. Kashi thinks if I tell him about my pregnancy then he won’t go on the war. Baji says I already know the news, you are going to be a mother right? I mean you are Chimaji’s mother now and he has won his war so you are a successful mother now. Kashi smiles and doesn’t tell him about her pregnancy.

Ganga asks Kashi if she told the news to Baji? Kashi cries and says I couldn’t tell him as I got to know about a village being under attack. If I tell him then he won’t go save them. Ganga says are you crazy? You have to tell him. Kashi says someone wrote letters to him with so much hope. Ganga says if he didn’t go there then there must be a reason for it. Kashi says it’s his duty to save his people, he has to go there.

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Telecast Date:16th May 2022
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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