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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 13th July 2022 Kashi is stunned to see Mastani praying as a muslim. She is shocked and runs out. Ganga sees her praying and says she is a Muslim? Kashi says I can’t take her to the palace,

Radha will never allow her. Ganga says if you don’t take her then Baji will leave you. Kashi enters the tent again and confronts Mastani. She says you are from another religion, did you even think what Baji will have to pay for being with you?

Mastani says I am ready to pay anything for my love. Kashi says there is life beyond love, you should have thought about his peace. Mastani says his peace is with me. I have left everything for him and what’s wrong with praying like a Muslim? Kashi says I know but you have to stand up above your love for Baji.

This truth can change everything. Mastani says what should I do? Should I leave my religion? Kashi says I might not care but Marathas don’t even allow anything from Mughals in their houses. Mastani says what to do then? Kashi says you promised to never come to the palace so follow that.

Mastani says I won’t enter the palace but if Baji wants to take me there then I will. My mother and I were taunted as illegitimate so I don’t want people to say the same thing about Baji and I’s relationship. Kashi says you only care about your love but I have to protect my palace and my people. I am Kashibai and a mother so you will face me now. She leaves from there.

Kashi comes out of the tent and all servants are gossiping about Mastani being a mughal. Kashi leaves from there and is stressed. Ganga says you should talk to them. Kashi says I can’t stop them, it’s their values so I can’t ask them to go against that.

If this news goes out then Baji will lose his position and my son will never become a Peshwa. Ganga says you always find a solution. Kashi says this is beyond me, I can’t bring a non-Hindu to the palace. I just pray that our family remains protected.

Scene 2
Baji is waiting to welcome Mastani. Radha is angry and says Kashi did so much for him but he is going crazy for that girl. Kashi arrives there but she is alone. Baji looks around for Mastani and asks Kashi why is she silent? Kashi leaves from there.

Kashi comes to her room and holds her son. She cries and says I need strength today. What should I do? I am scared of everything. She smiles at her son and says I will fight everything for my son. She hugs him tightly.

Kashi comes to Baji. He asks why didn’t you bring Mastani here? Kashi says let everyone come here as we can’t talk about it alone. All the family members come there. Kashi says I can’t hide this so I thought to tell you all. Radha asks what happened? Kashi says Baji brought a non-muslim girl with him.

Mastani is a Mughal. I would have hidden it but some servants saw Mastani offering namaz and I couldn’t stop them. Radha is shocked and panics. Baji tries to calm her but Radha says tell me this is a lie? Did you eat anything from her hands?

Baji looks away. Radha says we fought for years against Mughals and now you want to bring that girl here? She says I can’t believe your father gave up his life fighting Mughals and my own son is in love with a Mughal. This will not work Baji. He looks on.

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Telecast Date:13th July 2022
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