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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 12th August 2022 Baji announces that I want to remarry Mastani, we are already married but people are insulting her here. Chimaji says you want us to accept all this? Radha says if you are married already then why do you want to marry her here? Baji says because she needs to be respected.

Chimaji says you want to snatch everything from Kashi and give it to Mastani? Radha says this girl wants Kashi’s respect and honor but she can never get it because she is no Kashi. Baji says you people will never understand.

Radha says this girl is illegitimate and you brought this filth here. It would have been better if her step brothers had killed her. Chimaji says if she tries to take Kashi’s place then I will kill her. Baji is about to attack him but Kashi asks them to stop it. Radha tells Baji that you can keep this girl for your fun but she can’t become a part of this family.

Chimaji says she is your mistress and will remain so. Baji shouts at him and says nobody can stop me. I will marry Mastani. Kashi says I don’t want you to go against people. Mastani sits in front of Kashi and says I want justice from you.

I left my home, my city for Baji but I keep getting insulted even when everyone knows that I married Baji in Bundelkhand.. so what does your justice say? Kashi says justice will happen in the next court session.

Mastani is practicing her dancing. Kashi comes there so Mastani stops. Kashi asks Mastani to be careful of her tricks. Mastani says I don’t need to play tricks because I trust my love and I trust Kashi’s justice, I know you can never hurt Baji so I know you will get me married to Baji. Kashi leaves from there.

Scene 2
Guruji arrives with people at the palace. Kashi says I have called the meeting. Guruji says you become biased when it comes to Baji, Mastani can’t be married to Baji. If we are insulted then we will go against Peshwa’s family. People say that if a Mughal gets married in the family then we will go against the reign. Radha asks Kashi to do the right thing for their people. Kashi says the decision will be based on justice.

The court meeting starts, Kashi asks Baji to tell them how did he marry Mastani? Baji says we married through a sword. Mastani says we use swords in our culture to marry. Kashi asks Baji if he knew about that culture when he gave the sword to Mastani? Baji says what does she mean? Kashi asks if he gave the sword to her to marry her?

Did he intend to marry her or did he know about the culture when he gave the sword to her? Baji says no. Mastani says it’s our culture.

Kashi says the marriage is done when both parties know about it, you married him by tricking him because he didn’t know about the culture. Kashi says your marriage can’t be accepted. Baji and Mastani are shocked. Baji gets angry and says Kashi can’t do this. Kashi gets shaky and faints. All rush to him. Sooriya takes him from there.

The doctor is checking Baji and says we will try our best. Radha cries and says he is in this condition because of that girl.

Kashi hugs her son and cries, she says I went against Baji and he is in this condition because of me but I had to do justice. Radha says you had to do what was right. Kashi says justice didn’t make anything right so I will do what I think is right now.

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Telecast Date:12th August 2022
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