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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 11th May 2022 Chimaji’s room catches on fire. Ragma screams to help him, a soldier tries to kill him. Radha asks what happened? Ragma cries and says a soldier’s son died in the war so he wanted to take revenge on Chimaji and started this fire. Kashi asks them to calm down.

Radha says you have done all this. Baji comes there and tries to open his room. Chimaji beats the soldier and runs out of the room. Baji grabs the soldier and says I won’t spare him, Kashi asks Sooriya to take him away.

In the courtroom, Radha says soldier should be killed for trying to attack Chimaji. Soldier says why? I did what I was asked to do by Kashi. All are shocked. Baji asks why did you do it? Chimaji says why would you attack on me? Radha says she has lied to us. Kashi says Chimaji lied to us in actuality.

I have seen Chimaji since childhood and he was always ill. Everyone thinks he is weak but I can’t see that. He was surrounded by fire but he had the guts to fight the soldier and came out safely. If Chimaji is weak then how is it possible? I think Chimaji is lying to us. Radha says you tried to attack him.

Chimaji says I feel insulted. Kashi asks then tell us how did you got saved from the fire and also jumped in the pool? I think he is totally fine and he should go to the war. It’s his decisive war as he has to win or he should die as a warrior. Radha says you are being unfair. Ragma says how can you be this cruel? Kashi leaves from there. Baji looks on.

Baji comes to Kashi and says why didn’t you tell me about starting a fire in Chimaji’s room? Kashi says you wouldn’t have allowed me to do it, I know you are emotional for your brother. Baji says what was the reason for it? Kashi says the fire can burn but we also use it to cook food. I had planned everything and soldiers were protecting him with a doctor there so nothing would have happened to him.

Chimaji is like a son to me so I have to make him stronger. Baji smiles and says you are on the right path, he will win the war for sure. Kashi says I know you are waiting for his victory. Baji pulls her closer and they share a drink. Baji says I am going to sleep. Kashi says you can’t, you have to become my spy.

Radha tells Chimaji you don’t have to go to the war, I will talk to Shahu against Kashi. Baji comes there and gives juice to Chimaji. He says how could Kashi blame me like that? I have a coughing issue but how could I not cough in the fire?

Radha says I will talk to Shahu if you can’t. Baji says he won’t listen to us as he thinks Chimaji is weak. I have another option, we can make Chimaji run from here. Chimaji says I am not a coward. Radha says this is the best idea. Baji tells Chimaji to wait for him, he will arrange for his escape. Chimaji feels insulted.

Baji comes to his room, Kashi pulls him closer and puts a knife on him. She asks if he was a good spy or not? Baji grabs the knife and says I am a good spy, I have done your work. Chimaji agreed to escape. Kashi says what? I thought he would deny it. Baji says he doesn’t want to run away, you have riled him up so I am sure he will go on the war. Kashi says you are with me so everything would be fine. Baji puts her on the bed.

Kashi wakes up in the middle of the night and finds Baji gone from the room.

Baji gets a letter and is stressed. Sooriya asks who sends you these letters late at night? Baji says just make sure no one sees these letters. Kashi comes there and hears that.

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Telecast Date:11th May 2022
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