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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 10th May 2022 Kashi starts her session in the courtroom against Chimaji. Radha says I told you people to not send Chimaji to the war but now you want to punish him? Kashi says a lot of soldiers died because of him so he should be held accountable. Baji says we can lose a war anytime,

it’s not his fault. Kashi says Chimaji had the upper hand but he did a mistake that cost us. Ragma says Chimaji was trying to earn honor back so why are you pushing him? Kashi says we have lost a lot of soldiers so I have to take a stance. I am deciding that his punishment is that he will leave his position and he will go to war against Sindhis,

he has to come back as a warrior or die in a war. Baji says I don’t agree with this, it’s a suicide. Kashi says I will ask the soldiers if they are with me on this decision or not. All soldiers take Kashi’s side and say she is right. Kashi tells Chimaji to prepare for another war and he has to win this at any cost. She leaves from there while Baji angrily looks on.

Radha takes her sword and comes to Kashi. She puts the sword on her neck and says why did you send my son on a war. I won’t spare you, she is about to attack her but Baji stands in front of Kashi. Radha says move away, I have to punish her.

Baji takes off her sword and says it’s my duty to protect Kashi. Radha says she doesn’t deserve it, can’t you see what she is doing? Baji tells Kashi that I don’t agree with your decision, you should take it back. Radha tells Baji that till Kashi doesn’t accept her mistake, I won’t eat anything. Now you have to choose between your wife and mother. Baji is stunned.

Scene 2
Kashi comes to Baji who asks if she wants to kill Chimaji? Kashi says I want to save him. The flashback shows how Kashi talked to Baji before giving punishment to Chimaji. She told him that Chimaji is weak in the mind only, we have to bring back his confidence, I want people to honor him as a warrior. Baji says what if anything happens to him? Kashi says he is from a warrior family,

he wants to make his name too. Baji says that would be great. The flashback ends. Baji smiles and tells Kashi that I did good acting right? Kashi says you are a good actor. Baji says I am a straightforward man. Kashi says I just pray that our plan works. Baji says why did you want me to be against you?

Kashi says because I don’t want Radha and Ragma to think we are biased against Chimaji, you have to make them believe that you won’t let anything happen to Chimaji and that you are against me. Baji says I thought you were innocent but you are a player, I trust your plan. Kashi says you are with me in this so I don’t have an issue. She wipes sweat from his body and he smiles.

Kaviri brings food for Radha but she says I won’t eat anything. Kaviri says Kashi made this food. Radha shouts at her to leave. Kashi hides and watches that. Baji comes there and says have dinner with me. Kashi says Radha didn’t eat anything so how can I eat anything? Baji says don’t worry, I will see to it. He comes to Radha with food and asks her to eat. Radha says I won’t, did Kashi send you too?

Baji says I am your son and I will be hungry if you don’t eat. Radha says then remove Kashi from her position as she is trying to kill my son. Baji says Shahu gave her that title but I am on your side.

I am promising you that I won’t let anything happen to Chimaji. I am feeling hungry. Radha says I will make you eat but I won’t eat. Baji says I will make you eat with my hands. Don’t worry about Chimaji as I will help him. They both feed each other food. Kashi smiles seeing that and says she can be strict but she melts for her kids.

Kashi tells Baji that you did great. Baji asks her to eat also. He makes her eat with his hands. Kashi smiles at him.

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Telecast Date:10th May 2022
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