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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 10th January 2022 Annu says to Baji what Kashi did at arti was wrong and what you did was also wrong. He says the sun can’t be moon, and moon can’t be sun. Let people be how they are.

Kashi should be the way she is. Chimaji says he’s right. Krishna says but Kashi should understand she’s the DIL of this house. Baji says she doesn’t need to change to understand.

Radha says Kashi I will change you at any cost. Kashi falls. radha says get up. Don’t say later I didn’t let you get up. Kashi tries to stand. Ganga says to the maid why are they doing this to Ladu.

She says I am the maid, I can’t say anything. Kashi is sitting. Radha says you lost this challenge and you won’t run in the saree now. Forget about chaskaman. She asks the maid to take her to her room. Radha says if you run here again I will make you run twice. Kashi says but.. Radha says the one who’s lost doesn’t deserve to speak.

Scene 2
The kids ask what happened to your feet? Radha says her foot hurts. She won’t run around the house with kids. Baji says why did you take off this bandage? I told you not to. Balaji says be careful with your tune. Radha asks the maid to take Kashi. She says Kashi needs rest. Kids don’t force her to pay. The kids say yes. Radha says go now. Radha says to Balaji I will change her stubborn behavior. Balaji says the game you are playing will eat your relationship with her.

Kashi says I lost ganga. I tried but I couldn’t stand. Ganga says don’t cry. Baji says opening the bandage won’t work? Kashi says go from here. He says I know I shouldn’t have scolded. He says I came here to dress your wound. We have a new relation of pain and relief. Kashi says don’t touch me. He says why? Kashi says I will get sin. He says but I tied it yesterday? She says I will do it myself. Ganga smiles. Kashi ties it herself.

Krishna comes to Kashi and says Baji said you’re moon and moon shouldn’t be asked to change. Radha says you are right. I got food for you. You’re tired and sick so you will eat here. There is a lot you need ot laern.

This challenge can be painful. You should end and declare yourself defeated. Then there would be no stubborn girl. If you come to arti time tomorrow I will feel like you’re ended it and accepted your defeat. You decide if you want pain and challenges or want to follow rituals. Kashi sees her old self dancing around and laughing. Herself says your decision will decide who you will be. Kashi says I’ve to find a way out. She recalls Baji caring for her and smiles.

Scene 3
Radha does the arti. The maid says Kashi isn’t in her room. Radha says she must be around. Chimaji and Krishna say she’s nowhere. Balaji says have you started something again? She says I don’t know where she is. Balaji says let me go and look out.

Kashi comes to Baji. She sees him doing yoga. Baji says are your feet okay now? Baji holds her hand and says everyone must be looking for you. Let’s go back. Kashi says I won’t go without doing what I came here for.

Kashi says you don’t feel pain but I do. What should I do that I don’t feel pain. He says what kind of question is this? Let’s go. Kashi says you’ve to tell me. I won’t go without an answer. Baji says everyone feels the pain but don’t let it reside in your mind. Think about things that make you feel happy. You will forget about pain. Kashi says thank you. I will go. Baji says no. I will take you from here.

Mom will be mad at you. Kashi says I will listen. He takes her to the water and splashes water on her. Kashi also splashes water on him. She gets happy. They both laugh.

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Telecast Date:10th January 2022
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