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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 7th February 2020 Episode Start With Prerna saying Anurag will do anything, even if he doesn’t remember anything, I trust him, Anurag will do this, you will see this, he will take me from mandap, its feeling of love, Anurag knows how to get this ring, he knows it all, even then he didn’t do anything, he wants this ring to not get removed from my finger. Komolika goes. Veena calls Shekhar. She says Prerna, Mahesh and I will go by car, Suman go fast. Komolika looks on. Anurag gives his car keys. He says I will send driver, go in my car, its big car, you will be comfortable, Prerna is pregnant. Veena says its not needed. He says you should go together. He sees Komolika. Komolika calls Viraj to scold. He says calm down, I m not your brother that you scold. She says Anurag made Prerna wear a ring, your efforts are failing. He says Prerna can’t love someone else, accept it, Veena likes me, she will get me married to Prerna, I saw Veena standing behind and said that I love Prerna, my plan is working, keep patience, Prerna and I will marry, your revenge will complete. She sees Anurag’s car. She says plan cancel, I m going to kill Prerna on the way to venue.

Anurag comes to Prerna. He says Sonalika got angry and left, did she tell anything to you. She asks are you upset, maybe I told something. He says I don’t think so, where did she go. She stumbles. He holds her. He gets flashes of their moments. He gets dizzy. She asks what happened. He says this happened before. He sits there. Shagun falls. Komolika says I have to send Prerna to Maa Durga. Mechanic asks are you sure, once brakes are failed, person can’t get saved. She asks him to just do his work. Rohit asks her not to get angry. She says we can get caught, he is leaving fingerprints on the car. He says yes, this mechanic is foolish. She throws the things. She asks the man to be alert, no one should see him. The man says I will cut the brake oil pipe. Komolika says I may make plans here and Anurag may recall everything.

Prerna asks what did you see. Anurag says I saw you. He recalls the moments. She asks what happened. Ronit says he won’t recall it. Komolika says I have to end this soon. Ronit says our plan is an excellent idea, we are failing car brakes, all of those people will die, right. Komolika says yes. Anurag says you were going to marry someone, I was against it, tell me the truth, was I against it. Prerna nods. He says now, I got a guy Viraj for you, I m getting you married now, strange. She asks what’s that, is that yours. He says medicines, I take this every day, doctor gave it, I didn’t take this yesterday, I told Debu da to tell everyone that I m taking it, medicines are strange, I forget things, I thought to meet doctor and change medicines. Komolika says even Lord can’t help Prerna. Ronit says Anurag will never get his memory back. Anurag says I told Sonalika that this medicine isn’t right for me, she got upset, she thinks good for me, even mom thinks good and worries a lot.

Prerna says don’t tell Sonalika that you told this to me. He says fine. Komolika says Prerna could have settled with Viraj, now she has to die, Anurag will be sad for some days and the learn to stay happy. Veena comes to call Prerna. Anurag goes. Tenu yaad….plays…. the mechanic does his work. He says oil is falling down. Komolika looks on. Dadi asks where are you going. He says I m going to change clothes, I have to look good. She says you stand with Prerna, you will look good together. He smiles. She says I didn’t know that you aren’t marrying Prerna, Veena told me, if I like you then I will get you married to Prerna, tell me, will you do it. He says I would have done, but I m married to Sonalika. Komolika says get a cloth that I clean the fingerprint. Ronit says calm down, I will get it. Mechanic says I will come along. She gets a cloth. She sees Anurag and hides. Ronit and mechanic also hide. Anurag looks on.


Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Prerna says I will go to market and come. Komolika says Prerna will be dying today. The mechanic says the car brakes have failed, that girl’s engagement is today. Shekhar hears him and thinks if he is telling about Prerna. A car accident is shown.

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Telecast Date: 7th February 2020
Distributed By : Star Plus And Hotstar


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