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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 30th January 2020 Episode Start With Anupam thinking of Nivedita’s words. He thinks to take a nap. He checks Jagga and goes. Jagga wakes up and looks around. He worries and thinks Anurag got me, I hope Komolika opens the rope so that I run away. Komolika thinks I hope Anurag is sleeping. She calls him out. She goes out. She thinks Jagga has to die, else Anurag and police will make him speak up. Anupam thinks everyone is sleeping, I will take a short nap. He comes to his room and sleeps. Nivedita says get up, you didn’t come to sleep when I called you, go and sleep on couch. He says its wrong. She says just go. He thinks Moloy and Mohini also fight, but Mohini allows him to sleep on the bed. Moloy wakes up and goes to get water. Komolika comes and gets a knife.

Jagga sees her and asks her to open the ropes fast, so that he can leave. She says I will kill you, else you will tell Anurag about me, you have to die. Moloy comes downstairs. Jagga says I won’t say anything. She says Prerna is in this house because of you. She keeps knife on his neck. Moloy sees her and wears glasses. She hides and asks Jagga to close eyes fast. Moloy says maybe I was imagining. He goes. Jagga says let me go now. Komolika says you have to die, shall I kill you by cutting your neck or wrist. He says my hands are tied, they will think how did this happen to me. She says point. She frees him and asks him to die. She says I will tell them that I killed you in self defense. Prerna hears the sound and goes to see. She sees Komolika attacking Jagga.

She shouts stop, what are you doing, leave him. Komolika says you can’t save him. Prerna shouts Anurag. Komolika says he has to die. Anurag wakes up and hears Prerna shouting. He pours some water on his face. He says I m coming. Komolika says Jagga won’t get saved, go and call anyone. She tries to stab Jagga. Anurag comes. Komolika says this goon was running, I stopped him. She asks Jagga to tell the truth. She signs him. Everyone comes and is shocked. Jagga takes her at knife point and threatens to cut her neck. Anurag says leave her, I m here. Komolika says if you try to tell anything about me, then see, you have to kill Prerna. She gets free and goes away. She pushes Prerna towards Jagga. Jagga catches Prerna. He asks Anurag to get back, else he will kill Prerna. Komolika signs him. He stabs Prerna. Everyone gets shocked. Veena gets up from sleep and shouts Prerna. Suman asks what happened. Veena says take me to Prerna, she isn’t fine. Anurag holds the knife and saves Prerna. Mohini shouts Anurag, leave it. Prerna goes away.

Anurag beats up Jagga. Moloy, Anupam and Viraj try to stop Anurag. Anurag says he tried to kill Prerna. Prerna sits crying. Anurag goes to him. Anupam and Viraj take Jagga. Veena runs on the road and says how shall I go to Prerna. She tries to get an auto rickshaw. Suman gets the car and says I will take you, sit fast. They leave. Anurag asks Prerna to stop crying, she is a strong girl. He says no one can harm Prerna, until I m alive, none will hurt you, relax. Viraj looks on. Mohini asks Prerna to go and sleep. Prerna stumbles. Anurag asks her to be careful. Rondi akhiyan….plays… Anurag asks Prerna to sit. Moloy thinks he forgot the limits he had set. Anurag asks Sonalika are you fine. He sees Jagga tied up. He scolds Jagga. He asks Jagga to tell the truth. He says I promise I will kill you if you don’t tell the truth. Komolika looks on.


Kasautii Zindagii Kay 31st January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Anurag says this is the last chance, who gave you money. Prerna asks Jagga to say it. Jagga says you know it all and even then you are asking me. Prerna says yes I know, but I want you to tell everyone. He signs towards Komolika. Everyone is shocked.

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Telecast Date: 30th January 2020
Distributed By : Star Plus And Hotstar


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