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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18th March 2020 Episode Start With Komolika shouting on Nivedita. She says problem is, you can’t be trusted, I have given you half the power by making you CEO, you don’t even know how Prerna snatched the deal. Nivedita says you are worried that Prerna defeated us in the auction or her next move, so you are venting frustration on me, I will not take that. Komolika says you don’t need to go office from tomorrow, you will help the servant in the kitchen. She goes. Nivedita cries and asks Mohini did she see, how she treated her like I m her servant, she can’t talk to me like this. Mohini says you forgot what she did for us, Moloy was critical…. FB shows Mohini rushed to the hospital. Mohini says doctor said Moloy needs blood, Komolika came there and saved Moloy. Nivedita says I remember, she donated blood to Moloy and helped the business too, now she has taken over the business. Mohini says I understand, but we can’t forget what she did for us. Rakhi and Tapur get scared of Komolika.

Komolika sees Anurag sleeping. She wakes him up and asks him to massage her head. He jokes. She asks him not to joke until she handles Prerna. She calls Ronit and asks him to come to meet her. She says Anurag, you never loved me, I value our love, I m doing this for our business, Ronit will defeat Prerna. She goes. He says wow and claps.

Prerna and Kuki are on the way. Prerna says when I met your dad, I used to think why is he weird, but he is really a good guy. Kuki says he is the best, he is my hero, he doesn’t express his love, I missed the class to spend time with him, he doesn’t love me, he used to love me in childhood. Prerna says he loves you a lot, he doesn’t express. Kuki asks why does he behave like this, I wanted to hug him, he just left like that. Prerna says he misses you and loves you. Kuki says you always take his side, there is something that’s making him away from me. Prerna sees Veena and asks Kuki to stop the car. She says I will just come. She follows Veena.

Veena goes to the chawl house. Prerna gets shocked to see her family there. Mahesh’s wife asks about her saree. Veena says I have given a saree to Suman, she was going to her Maayka. Mahesh’s wife nods and says I forgot to say that ghee and oil got over, how shall we cook. Veena says its good that we avoid the oil, how shall I get it, I have even mortgaged the bangles. Prerna knocks on the door. Veena goes and hugs her.

Prerna says I went to find you at our old house, I didn’t know you all are here. Veena says we sold that house, that’s Kajal, Mahesh’s wife. Kajal says tea powder just got over. Prerna says its not needed. Shivani says we aren’t having tea these days. Prerna says you are coming with me. Veena says no, we won’t stay at Mr. Bajaj’s house. Ronit comes to meet Komolika and hugs her. He asks her command. She asks can’t a sister call her brother. He says why not, you are my family, give me one call and I will always be there for you. Mohini greets him. Komolika asks did you make the special Rasgulla. Mohini says yes, its ready, I will get it. Komolika asks Nivedita to come and meet Ronit. Nivedita comes to greet. Mohini gets the sweets. Komolika says its really amazing, its Anurag’s fav as well. She gives sweets to Ronit. She says Ronit will be the CEO of Basu company. They get shocked. Ronit asks are you serious.

Komolika says of course, congrats. She hugs him. She asks Nivedita to congratulate him. Nivedita and Mohini congratulate him. He says sorry, thanks to you all, Komolika has shown faith on me, its a big thing, I promise you, I will do the work well and never let you down, I will always make you feel proud. Komolika says you have to prove that I didn’t do any mistake by giving you this work, you just have to defeat Prerna. Ronit says sure, give me a chance, I will find a solution. Komolika says think well, go to the study. He goes. Komolika asks Nivedita not to feel bad, business is business. She says I know your performance will be good, be it CEO post or head cook, get a chef hat, you will look very cute. She goes. Nivedita says this isn’t funny. Mohini says she was just teasing you, why are you feeling bad.


Kasautii Zindagii Kay 19th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Prerna says I have earned everything on my own, KB group of companies, its mine. Nivedita shouts on her. Prerna asks who is the CEO now. Nivedita says Ronit. Prerna says its a right chance now. Anurag says I m ready to bear your hatred. Prerna says Anurag is my first target.

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Telecast Date: 18th March 2020
Distributed By : Star Plus And Hotstar


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