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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 11th March 2020 Episode Start With Anurag telling Nivedita about the land auction. He says if anyone else wins the land auction, then it will be a loss for them, since the opposite plot is already ours, we will make a mall on it, I called an architect for the designs, none will buy it except us. Nivedita says you did a lot in advance. Komolika says none can plan better than Anurag. Anurag says I think some people can plan better than me, one of them is you…. you are good at planning and plotting. He goes to answer a call. Komolika goes to him. She says my attempt is always to explain people with love, I have to plan when people don’t understand my love, you got the maximum benefit by my plan, right. Anurag says you got much makeup today. She asks are you seeing me so closely, not bad. He says I m getting bad. She says go alone, be happy, but how long you run away from me, you will come back to me. He calls out Kaushik. Kaushil says I m ready. Mohini feeds curd and sugar to Anurag. Anurag and Kaushik leave.

Prerna asks Kuki to get ready. Kuki says I m finding my fav earring. Prerna says I have read this file. She gets Mr. Bajaj’s call. He asks how are you, feeling better? She says yes, I m going to execute my plan. He says I can postpone this auction if you want to rest. She says I don’t want to delay ruining someone, I learnt from you, we get profits by taking right decision on right time in the business, I won’t stop. He thinks why don’t you understand, how much I love you, I will always support you, I can’t tell you. Anurag says Mr. Shaumik, I want this land. Shaumik says I know, I m supporting you. Anurag says max. 20 crores will be the bid, we should get it for 25 crores. He thinks where is Kaushik, he is still parking the car. Kuki says I will park the car and come, I love driving, I will take you anywhere you want, go, all the best. She sees Kaushik and says thief….

Anurag collides with Prerna. He picks her phone. He says sorry, I will fix it. She thinks can you fix what’s broken, no, I will fix everything, you snatched everything from me, I will snatch your dreams now. Kaushik shouts thief and runs. Kuki catches him. He flirts. He says I don’t like hug without permission, I permit the girls, but you aren’t my type. She says stop you thief. He says you mean heart thief. She says no, real thief, you have stolen my earring. He says I don’t care for the earring, I m a businessman and very rich, I came for the bidding. She says I have also come for bidding. He laughs and goes. Anurag passes the phone and goes. Her manager comes to call her for budding. Kuki says return my earring else I will call the police. Kaushik shows the earring and says I m not scared of police, I found this in car and kept it safe. She says you think you have a right on it. He says no, did you get hurt on your head in childhood. She says shut up, my dad gave these earrings, its imp. He makes her wear it. She looks on. He says chemistry. She says no, second year business and management.

He calls her tubelight and goes. Nivedita comes to office and gets working. She checks the live auction. She says its very imp, don’t disturb me. Prerna comes for the auction and gets seated. Anurag looks on. The auction begins. Anurag bids for 15 crores and increases the amount. Prerna bids for 21 crores. Anurag says not bad, someone knows the value of this land. Shaumik says money will increase. Anurag says its okay. He bids for 22 crores. Prerna bids for 25 crores. Anurag bids for 30 crores. Manager says madam, the land cost is around 25-30 crores only. Prerna bids for 33 crores. Anurag thinks who is she, why is she interested in this land. Kuki and Kaushik argue. She thinks maybe earring really fell in his car. She says listen, sorry. He says apology rejected. Mohini prays. Komolika comes to her and holds her. She says this drama won’t work, we know he is so talented that none can get this project. Mohini says I know, but mum’s heart gets peace to pray.

Komolika says then pray to me and get peace, relax, I m just joking, what wrong did I say, pray. Door bell rings. Mohini asks servant to check the door. Komolika asks servant to get coffee and snacks. He goes. She asks Mohini to check the door. Mohini says of course and goes. Komolika’s friend comes and hugs Komolika. She asks for Anurag. Komolika says he is busy in his dream project. Anurag bids for 35 crores. Prerna bids 40 crores. Shaumik says this land won’t be profitable, its too expensive. Anurag says but we already bought the other land, it will be more loss. He bids 45 crores. Prerna thinks. Manager says don’t do this. She bids for 50 crores. Anurag thinks this woman wants to ruin my dream project.


Kasautii Zindagii Kay 12th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Prerna asks are you shocked. Anurag asks how did you get saved and came back alive, I have thrown you out of my life. She says I will snatch everything from you. He gets sad.

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Telecast Date: 11th March 2020
Distributed By : Star Plus And Hotstar


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