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Kartik Purnima 10th February 2020 Episode Start With Kartik is in the car and recalls his moments with Purnima, he smiles recalling them. He is about to hit a guy but stops his car. His brother Sumrit asks him what happened to him? Kartik says that girl is different. Sumrit says Shanaya is mine, are you changing your heart? Please leave Shanaya alone, don’t even eye her. Kartik says are you mad? I will never think about her that way. They both laugh.

They arrive at Shanaya’s house. Shanaya sees Kartik entering the house and thinks that he is the guy for the marriage. Sumrit goes to get the gift from the car so Kartik greets the family. Shanaya thinks that he is a nice guy.Kartik meets everyone in the house. He brings the gifts. Shanaya’s parents greet him and says we were surprised to hear about your proposal. His brother Sumrit enters the house. Kartik says Soni mom must have told that Sumrit wants to marry Shanaya. Sumrit asks for Shanaya.Shanaya is looking at Kartik’s pictures in her phone. Her mother asks her to get ready.

Kartik’s father Ajeet asks Soni why she sent only Kartik to talk about Sumrit’s proposal? Soni says I trust Kartik, it’s a big deal for Shanaya’s family that we are giving a proposal. Ajeet says they might ask him that why we are marrying younger son before elder? Soni says if Kartik doesn’t want to marry then it’s not anyone’s problem. Ajeet says but we should be worried about Kartik, he might already like a girl.

Shanaya’s beeji asks Kartik if he is married? Kartik says no. Sumrit says we keep asking him but he doesn’t get married, find a good girl for him. Beeji thinks that I pray that Purnima gets a guy like Kartik. Papa calls Purnima and asks where is she? She says I am working at Gurdwara. He says the guests are here so come to the house. Purnima says okay, she ends the call and recalls getting to know Soni hates dark skin. She says I am sorry papa but I can’t come home as it might create problems for Shanaya. She says I have to get my book.

Scene 2
Shanaya comes to the house. She thinks Kartik is there for her. Sumrit smiles at her and gives her a gift. Sumrit says I did her photoshoot, he introduces his brother Kartik. Shanaya thinks Kartik is shy, he is like husband material. Sumrit thinks Shanaya is not talking so she must be shy, wife material. Beeji asks Kuldeep where is Purnima? He says she is coming. Kuldeep tells Kartik that we like the guy so we can arrange the wedding. Kartik says I was thinking to wait for 2 years. Sumrit says this wedding is fixed from our side. Kartik says yes, a proposal for Sumrit and Shanaya is fixed. Shanaya is shocked. Beeji says it’s good that Kartik is here and we would want to meet your parents too. Kartik says they will come soon. Kartik leaves with Sumrit. Shanaya says Sumrit is getting married to me? I thought I was marrying Kartik. Kuldeep says they proposed for Sumrit’s name. Shanaya says I like Kartik and not Sumrit, she leaves from there. Beeji says this is not good for this girl. She asks her mother Bina to make her understand.

Soni searches Kartik’s bag and finds Purnima’s name written in the book. She says we should find out about this connection.

Purnima comes to the hospital and asks about the kid. The doctor says that the kid is good now. Purnima asks about her book. The doctor says I gave it to Dr. Kartik, he is not here, you can come tomorrow and take it from him. Purnima says oh I will have to come back. She smiles looking at Kartik’s name written on her bracelet.


Kartik Purnima 11th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : A kid gives Purnima her book back which Kartik gave to him. Kartik smiles looking at her from the car.Soni calls the doctor and asks about the book. She says it was Purnima’s book. Soni asks how is she look-wise? The doctor says she is very good-looking. Soni asks about her complexion? The doctor says on the darker side. Soni gets angry hearing it.

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Telecast Date: 10th February 2020
Distributed By : Star Bharat And Hotstar


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