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Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 26th March 2020 Episode Start With Karan calling Tripura, but she is busy watering her plants. Sheri comes there. Tripura asks why she didn’t come home last night. Sheri says she was stuck in traffic. Tripura says all night traffic. Sheri says it is Mumbai and asks what you made in breakfast. Door bell rings. She opens the door and sees Karan Khanna. She says you would have called me. He says he had called her, but she didn’t see his call. She checks her phone. She asks why did he come? He tells that he is going to Goa and she has to come with him. She refuses to come. Sheri gets happy and hugs Karan. She tells that she is Tipsy’s cousin Sheri. He says he likes her. Tripura refuses to go with her. Karan calls Vishal and tells that the counseller refused to come. Vishal says there is a change in plan, you have to go to Mahabaleshwar. Sheri tries to convince her to think it as a paid vacation for Amma. She says it is just 3 weeks trip and packs her bag. She says she has so much work. Sheri says she will handle everything.

Tripura comes to Karan. Karan asks if she is ready and looks at her dress. She says it is very costly dress, she had bought it from South Mumbai. She sees leaves fallen down and scolds him. They leave. Karan stops the car on the way and waves at the lady in the other car. He asks Tripura if she is not having lipstick. She asks do you want to apply. He tells that he has realized that first impression is always right and says you need to work on your personality. She wears her earplugs and tells that this way don’t go towards Airport. He says we are going to Mahabaleshwar. He says you can detox me there also. She says she has packed wrong clothing. He asks shall I check the bag. She says don’t try to touch her. He laughs and tells that he don’t think more than 25 years girl as opposite s… She says you people think that woman is a…He calls her feminist. Later he stops the car and asks her to buy whatever she wants, as there will be no shops till they reach. She gets down from the car and goes to the public toilet. She then comes back and uses hand sanitizer. Karan sits back in the car and drives off. She asks him to stop the car at a good toilet. He stops car many times, but she don’t go to toilet/bathroom. He stops his car and goes to the shop. A guy brings potty seat and says it is for you.

Karan sits in the car and says size is appropriate for you. He says it is brand new. Tripura asks if he was talking to them about her. She says you are sick and asks can we leave. She says she don’t want. They leave. Tripura talks to Sheri and tells that she couldn’t pee since 5 hours, but this man is going again and again in open. He comes back and says I have stopped the car 10 times, but you rejected the bathroom. He asks her to go. She comes back and says disgusting. She asks did you drink? He says finally you went, so he celebrated. She says disgusting. He continues driving. They reach Mahabaleshwar early morning. Tripura calls Amma and tells that they have reached 5 star hotels. Karan Khanna comes to the reception and books 2 rooms. Tripura comes there and says you broke my hairclip. He asks her to let her hair open and enjoy herself. Some old men standing there tease him. Karan tells them that she came for work and says all men and women don’t have the relation which they are speaking about. Tripura says you have sensitive side too. Karan says they thought you as my girlfriend, I have 25 years experience and because of two flop films, this is happening. Sheri is talking to her boyfriend on video call.

Tripura comes to her hotel room and calls Sheri. Sheri asks where are you? Tripura says she is in her room. Sheri says he might be drinking in his separate room. Tripura tells that he wants to spoil her success rate and knows well how to handle him. The old guys gossip about Karan Khanna and Tripura. They bet about them. Tripura comes to the reception and asks about his room number. Receptionist tells that she can’t give his room number. Tripura tells that she is on her job and wants to be with him 24/7. She argues with her. The old guys think that she is desperate and misunderstand her. Karan comes to the reception and takes her from there. He says I have a reputation and asks why she was doing that. He takes her to room. She checks in his room and asks him to open his bag. He says are you counseller or someone else. He says you are taking heavy breath, says his Servant had got attacked after this. He opens his bag. She finds the wine bottle wrapped in the underwear. She throws it and asks for sanitizer. He picks his underwear. Just then his exwife Radhika comes there and says you came for your daughter’s marriage and brought pr*stitute with you. Tripura is shocked.

Tripura tells Radhika that she is his counseller. Radhika says I have lost counts and asks her to save her breath. She asks Karan, how did he know about Trisha’s marriage. He says you have sent the card to me. She says she is not a fool to invite him for her daughter’s marriage. Karan says Trisha is his daughter now. Radhika argues. Tripura is about to go. Radhika confronts him for leaving her. Karan tells that she left him. She says she would have relation with dog and not with her. Tripura calls Sherry and tells about Karan’s wife misunderstanding her to be a pr*stitute. She comes back and shows her ID card to Radhika. Radhika asks if she is junior artiste who was promised a role. Karan shows the card to Radhika and says it is Trisha’s handwriting. She says you have seen her handwriting when she was just 6 years old. Tripura scolds Karan. Karan asks him to have humanity for some time and gets teary eyes. Trisha comes out and talks to Sherry. Sherry asks where is he? Tripura says he is in room. She runs to room and sees him drinking. She asks him to go to her room and wait for her until she checks his house fully. She threatens to call Hirani. Karan goes to her room. She checks in his room and takes away all the wine bottle. He gets her laptop and writes mail to Hirani that she is sure that de-addiction program will end in 1 week.

Radhika comes to Prabuddha and asks why did he invite Karan for Trisha’s wedding. He says I know he hurt you. She says he breaks everything. Prabuddha tells that Trisha would have asked me why he didn’t call her dad. Radhika says you are her dad and Karan’s name is just on Trisha’s medical certificate. Prabuddha tells that if Karan had not contributed to him then he wouldn’t have Trisha and her. She says she feels small infront of him and calls him great. He cheers her up. She hugs him.

Tripura and Mr. Kapoor shift to a different room. She says she will have keys of his room to check him. He says girls keep fasts to get his room keys. She asks him to sleep as it is 10 pm now. He says the times have changed, this is modern time. He says he sleeps at 5 am in the morning. She runs behind him and says you can’t go out. The men see her pulling him inside and say what a determination. Tripura asks him to be in his room. Karan watches TV and plays loud sound.

Karan recalls his conversation with Radhika when Trisha was 6 years old. Radhika leaves him and goes with Trisha. In the morning, Tripura wakes him up and says good morning. He says you have spent night in my room and that’s why morning is good for you. Tripura says she is not interested in him. He says grapes are bitter. She gives him juice. He says it is bitter. She asks him to drink quietly. He looks out of the window and sees Trisha with Prabuddha. He drinks the bitter juice. He comes to the Trisha’s wedding. He asks prabuddha if he bought second hand car. Prabuddha says car was good, but you didn’t like it. Prabuddha makes him meet Rohan’s parents. Radhika asks Prabuddha to show them arrangements. Karan tells Radhika that the arrangements are not so good, she would have called him. She taunts him. He comes to Trisha’s hotel room. He says hi. Trisha says hello. Karan says you are looking very beautiful. Trisha thanks him. He says I didn’t meet Rohan till now and wants to meet him. She says sure and tells that she is getting ready. He leaves from there with tears in his eyes.

Tripura searches for Karan. Sherry says it is like fancy dress competition for you, nobody knows you there. The old men stop Tripura and appreciate her work ethics. She asks really? She asks who is the addict? They say they get sometimes addicted. She gives her visiting card and asks them to take individual or group sessions. They misunderstand her. Romila tells that she had worked with Karan, etc. She sees Karan coming there and tells that she is Rohan’s Chachi. Karan talks to Vishal and tells him that irritating Romila is here. Romila runs behind him. The old men tell that they are childhood friends and can’t get their clothes off infront of each other. She gets shocked and tells that she is just drunkard and addicts doctor. She runs away from there and collides with Karan. Karan tells Romila that Tripura is with him. He tells Tripura that Romila worked with him in a film. He takes her from there and tells that Romila stalked him. Trisha goes to the stage and thanks her Papa for being with her always. She says you are my superstar. Karan gets up from the seat. Trisha says Papa, I spent my first 6 years without you and don’t want to spend the rest without you. She calls Prabuddha on stage for a hug. Karan stops on the way and sees Prabuddha running to Trisha and hugging her. Trisha asks photographer to take family photo. Photographer makes Karan move and takes their pic. Karan looks at the gift which he brought for Trisha. Tripura looks at Karan.

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Telecast Date: 26th March 2020
Distributed By : Zee Tv , Zee5 and ALT Balaji


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