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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 9th September 2020 Episode starts with Dasharath asking Rishi Vashisht about his sons’ kundalis. Rishi Vashisht tells that their kundalis are just too good. Dasharath calls Maruti. Maruti greets them. Dasharath asks him to come in the naming ceremony. Maruti says I will just come. He hears Kaushalya and Sumitra’ conversation and comes to know that his Prabhu can’t eat anything without Anna Prasan Vidhi. He comes to Shri Ram and tells that he can’t make him have laddoo with the Anna Prasan Vidhi. Shri Ram gives him darshan and tells that he can’t eat this laddoo in baby avatar, but can have it in this child avatar. Maruti says you really want to have it. Shri Ram asks him to make him have it with his hands. Maruti makes shri Ram have laddoo. Shri Ram Plays……

Maruti gets glad. Dasharath asks is wives to bring all the sons for naming ceremony. Maruti finds Shri Ram gone and eats the leftover laddoo and says it is Prabhu’s first prasad. Kaushalya comes there and asks what is he doing here, and asks her to come. Maruti goes. Kaushalya asks Shri Ram to come and says today you will get your name. Vedvati finds all the greenery, plants and animals vanishing from her place, and gets shocked. She sees Ravan coming in his vahan. Ravan song plays as her cloth falls on his face. Ravan looks at her and gets mesmerized with her beauty. Vedvati says Ravan….you. I was waiting for you. Ravan says you have become very beautiful. She says you are still the same, cruel, bad etc. He says where a woman is worshipped, God stays there. He says when Ravan is a God now and has respect in his heart for the woman. He says you are not a God and beheads him. His fallen heart asks if she is assured now, and tells that he will take out devotion from her heart and will fill love in her heart for him. Vedvati gets shocked seeing his head joining back to his body. He runs. Rishi Vashisht describes Dasharath’s son qualities and names Sumitra’s sons as Shatrugan and Lakshman. They get happy. Rishi Vashisht tells about Kaikeyi’s son and names him bharat. Kaikeyi gets happy. Rishi Vashisht tells that time has come to read Kaushalya’s son now.

Ravan asks what do you want from me. Vedvati tells that she wants to kill him and wants revenge from him for her father’s murder. Ravan tells that he can do anything in her love and asks her to see how he changes the destiny. He says your father has come to meet you. She looks out of the window and sees her father standing, She says Pita shri. He says Putri. She comes out and hugs him, cries. Ravan asks if father and daughter met, tells that he reminisces his father seeing him. He says I will touch my father’s feet today. He asks Vedvati that she shall not have any grudge against him, and leaves. Vedvati asks her father not to go again. Vedvati’s father is none other than Ravan himself and tricked her.

Maruti calls Shri Ram and asks if I have done something wrong. shri Ram appears infront of him and tells that there shall be no doubt. He says my kundali is created with the words spoken by you. He says I will know myself from your sight.

Vedvati tells her father that she made food for him. Ravan thinks today he will snatch her purity from her. She comes back to him. Ravan becomes her father again and asks her to make him have the food with her hand. She makes him have the food and finds his real face, when he holds her hand. She asks him to leave her and calls him sinner. Ravan asks her to hug him again. She says you have tricked me, throws kheer on his face and runs out. She sees Ravan standing in his own avatar outside and gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:9th September 2020
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