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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 31st July 2020 Episode starts with Peeplad asking Shani Dev to agree to his sayings. Shani Dev attacks Peeplad, but all his attacks don’t affect Peeplad. Peeplad throws peepal stick towards the sky. Shani Dev thinks surely there is some divine power behind Peeplad. He sees Mahadev and says I was egoistic and couldn’t identify you. Peeplad asks him to promise that he will not see the innocent people, women and kids with his cruel sight. Shani dev says ok and folds his hands. Anjani says Mahadev’s Peeplad story is completed. Devi Parvati tells Mahadev that this story is very interesting. Mahadev says this phase is very important in Maruti’s life and he got closer to his purpose. Anjani calls maruti and asks him to have bath and breakfast.

Maruti says he had both breakfast and bath and asks her to come to tell the story. They come to the cave. She tells him about Maadev’s Bhikshuvarya Avatar. . She tells that King Satyarath was in deep sleep with his wife. When a corrupt Minister enters the Palace to kill Satyarath. King Satyarath wakes up his wife. Minister kills King. Queen hides with her newborn baby in the jungle. She says next morning, when she went to the lake to freshen up, but the crocodile comes from the water and kills her. She says Mahadev couldn’t hear the baby crying. Devi parvati asks Mahadev to help the baby. Mahadev comes on earth and asks a lady to take the baby, tells that the baby’s father is killed and his mother is eaten by the crocodile. The lady refuses to take the boy and apologizes to him. Mahadev smiles. She comes home and thinks that the bhikshuk dropped this baby here. She asks him to stop crying and takes the baby in her lap. She says from today I am your mother and you are my son.

Mahadev shows his hand. Anjani tells Maruti that Dharmarath, that baby became youth and he had become shiv devotee, but that Brahmin lady couldn’t understand his devotion. She tells him that he can’t get anything from his love, who snatched his parents from him. Dharmarath tells that the same God gave me mother like you. He tells that he will make Chabutra to place the idol.

Mahadev comes to Dharmarath to test him. Dharmarath digs the land to get the soil and finds the gold coins pot. Mahadev as Bhikshuk tells him that he got rich as he found the gold coins. Dharmarath tells that this place is of my Maharaj. Mahadev thinks he passed in the first test. Dharmarath comes to the King and tells that he got this gold coins from their land. King offers him gold coins as prize, but Dharmarath refuses to take the gold coin and leaves. King thinks I have such people in my kingdom, and feel blessed. Mahadev asks the lion to attack the girl roaming in the jungle. She is the king’s daughter. Dharmarath runs and comes before the lion, asks the lion to return without any violence. Lion goes. The girl tells her father that she is fine. The king thanks Dharmarath and asks if he will fulfill his wish. Dharmarath asks him to order. King asks Dharmarath to accept his daughter as his wife. Dharmarath looks at the princess. Maruti gets divine powers after the story ended.

Mahadev tells Parvati that one Katha is left to make Hanuman 11 mukhi. He says knowledge is useful when it us brought to practice. One katha is remaining now. Devraj Indra tells that he will show his power which is not less than Tridev. He says his temples will be made and he will be prayed by people. He turns and sees Mahadev lying on ground.

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Telecast Date:31st July 2020
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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