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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 31st January 2020 Episode Start With Maruti praying to Devimaa to save his laddoo kept for his Aaradhya. Devi Parvati asks Mahadev to stop eating laddoos. Mahadev tells Maruti that he don’t want to eat anymore. He gets up to go. Maruti asks where are you going? Mahadev says gyansarover. He sings bhajan…Narayan smiles hearing the bhajan. They start walking. Bhringi says Mahadev is singing bhajan for Narayan.

Nandi says Maruti doesn’t know that this song is dedicated to his Aaradhya. Maruti asks Mahadev where is he going? Mahadev says all the ways take us to Gyansarover. Mahadev thinks you have given test of intelligence and sacrifice, now knowledge and patience test is remaining. He asks him to go and bring water for him, else he will die. Maruti says where to find water? Mahadev asks him to see the river there. Maruti says I couldn’t see. Mahadev asks him to walk and go in that direction. Maruti says ok and asks him to rest and not to sing bhajan. Anjani tells Tara that she couldn’t find Maruti. Tara says Rishi Durvasa is getting restless and angry. Anjani gets tensed.

Maruti is about to take the water, when the river god appears infront of him and says if you steal water then will be buried in the soil. Maruti asks him to give permission to take water and says he wants to go to gyansarover. Yaqsh Raj says he will ask three questions and asks him to answer it rightly. He asks how much is the distance between moon and sun? Maruti draws on the soil and says if God wishes then the difference can be this much. Yaqsh makes him go inside the soil a bit. Nandi says what answer he gave. Yaqsh answer 2 question, how can one travel from earth to heaven. Nandi and bhringi says if stairs are made, says lanka pati ravan tried, but couldn’t be successful. Maruti says creation of the rath. Yaqsh raj says you came to commit suicide and that’s why saying this. Nandi and Bhringi say that they shall go and save him. Parvati says Mahadev is taking his test, Yaqsh asks him to apologize and go back from challenge. Maruti apologizes and says he didn’t learn to back off. Yaqsh asks him to say what is the thing which can be bend down without any hardwork. Nandi and bhringi say that it is eye brows. Maruti says answer is mountain. Yaqsh Raj says your death is sure and makes him go inside the soil till his neck. Anjani says we shall go to Rishi Durvasur and apologized to him. Yaqsh raj asks Maruti to think of his Aaradhya. Maruti gives reasoning to his first answer and tells that bhudevi had made the chariot with moon and sun and the distance between both was this much only, says Mahadev rode on it. He tells that the chariot is the answer for his second answer. He says third answer is we can make the mountain bend down when requested. Yaqsh raj frees him and says all your answers are right. Maruti says his mum has told him this katha. Yaqsh says you are divine and appreciates his mum. He says you can take the water. Devi Parvati blesses him.

Tara asks Rishi Durvasa to have kheer made by Devi Anjani. Rishi Durvasa says I am not hungry. Anjani asks him to take the water. Rishi asks her to say where is her son? Maruti brings the water. Mahadev drinks it and thinks your strength needs to be tested.

Anjani says Maruti might have gone far while playing with his friends and says he must be coming back. Rishi Durvasa shouts stop it, says my patience is given up. I can’t wait for your son, I think you don’t want me to meet your son. Anjani says Maruti never went away for this much time. Rishi Durvasa gets angry. Kesari asks him to calm down. Rishi Durvasa says all my illusion is gone, do you want to prove that I have no value. Anjani says mistake is mine. Rishi Durvasa thinks she didn’t learn from her past birth mistake. He turns to her and says you forced me to curse you and your son too. Mahadev and Maruti are walking in the jungle.

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Telecast Date: 31st January 2020
Distributed By : And Tv And Zee5


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