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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 31st August 2020 Episode starts with Dasharath telling Maruti that he is his guest and also of Ayodhya from now onwards. He asks him to let him go and tells that he has to go to jungle. Maruti asks if this is the singhasan of Raghukul. Dasharath says yes. Maruti says my Mata says that Raghukul people gives their life, but don’t break their promise. He asks why you are breaking the promise. Dasharath asks which promise? Maruti says if you don’t stay here then who will take care of me here. Dasharath says but I have to go. Maruti gets sad and says you can go breaking the promise. Rishi Vashisht tells Dasharath that Maruti is right and asks him to postpone his journey. His wives tell that they shall stay back and take care of Anjani’s sons. Kaikeyi thinks happiness to stay back, whatsoever the reason. Dasharath agrees and tells that he will not leave Ayodhya. Maruti gets happy and asks him to bless him that his aim to come here, becomes successful. Dasharath blesses him.

Devi Parvati tells Mahadev that Maruti’s efforts are appreciable. Kesari and Subahu fight with each other. Maricha thinks he can’t help Subahu. Maricha thinks I have to leave from here else who will give your death news to Kaikesi. Lankini comes there and attacks Kesari and other vanars with evil powers. Kesari says you have attacked me from behind. Lankini says you can’t get freed from my magic and asks Subahu to captive them.

Maruti looks the palace. Dasharath’s first wife shows him Palace and takes him to his room. Lankini, Subahu and Maricha take Kesari and other vanars to Kesari’s palace. Lankini says how did vanars get to stay in golden Palace. Anjani says you can’t see anyone progress. Lankini says you all will be death. Kesari asks them to fight with him. Lankini says you want to fight with me. Anjani challenges her to fight with her. Lankini asks about their son. Anjani asks them not to take her son’s name with her mouth. Subahu asks Lankini to take them all to Lanka. Kesari says he will burn their Lanka. Lankini asks Subahu to burn all Sumeru and tells that Vanars’ end came.

Maruti tells Jaamvant that he wants to decorate the Palace as Shri Ram is about to be born. Jaamvant asks how he wants the palace to be decorated. Maruti tells his idea and remembers Anjani. Kesari tells Anjani that it is good that Maruti is not here. Anjani assures the vanars that nothing will happen to anyone and calls Pawan dev. The rakshas pours kerosene oil on the vanars and in the palace. Lankini says everything will be burnt. Jaamvant asks what to buy? Maruti tells everything needed. Jaamvant says it all. Pawan Dev comes to Maruti and tells that Sumeru is in grave danger. Jaamvant asks what kind of danger? Pawan Dev makes Maruti see everything. Maruti tells that he has to return to Sumeru now itself. Jaamvant says ok. Pawan Dev says Sumeru will be destroyed by the time you reach there. Maruti says nothing can happen to Sumeru or my parents.

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Telecast Date:31st August 2020
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