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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 30th January 2020 Episode Start With dwarf men asking Maruti to bend down his head and greet them, to get permission to get the fruit from the tree. Maruti sees them keeping hand on the knives behind them. He folds his hands and asks them to give permission. They say he don’t know how to bend his hand. Maruti says he is yuvraj and never bend down before anyone. They bend their heads and asks him to bend like that, but they find Maruti missing. Maruti holds their heads and throws them in the well. They fall down in the well. Maruti then picks the fruit from the tree. Mahadev thinks his intelligence is tested, now he has to give test of knowledge and devotion.

Anjani knocks on the door and asks Maruti to come out. She gets shocked seeing Magan and asks what are you doing here. Magan says Maruti went to take bath in the river. Anjani says I told him that Rishi Durvasa is waiting for you. Maruti brings the bair and gives to Mahadev. Mahadev takes it and eats it. He then spits it and says it is bitter, tasteless etc. He says it would have better if you had brought poison for me. Maruti apologizes to him and says I picked good bairs and says my Mata says when someone gives gifts with love then shall be accepted it with love only. Mahadev says I will not eat this bair and will not move from here.

Tara and Roma come to take Rishi Durvasa’s blessings and introduces themselves. Rishi Matang and Jambvant comes there and greets Rishi Durvasa. Rishi Durvasa says it is my good luck that you both came to meet me. Jambvant asks Kesari about Maruti and says he likes to welcome Rishi. Tara says when you meet him, he will make you love him. Jambvant says he will surprise you. Rishi Matang says he is an extraordinary boy and you will be happy to meet him. Rishi Durvasa says he wants to meet him and asks Kesari where is Anjani? Why she is taking so much time to bring him. kesari says she must be coming.

Maruti says he can’t find anything else in the jungle. Mahadev says if I had got laddoo then it would have been good. Maruti says I know that you will come to my laddoo. He holds his bag. Mahadev says if I had got it then would have eaten it and gone to Gyan sarovar. Maruti thinks if I shall go back, if I am not destined to meet my Aradhya. He then pretends to see laddoo in his bag and says you are very lucky. He says it seems Mata kept laddoo in my bag and I didn’t know. He takes one laddoo and says mata kept only one laddoo. Mahadev takes it and thinks it is a experience for me to experience mother’s love in the laddoo. He eats it and feels great. Bhringi and Nandi are happy. Devi Parvati says ask the person who is away from home, how it feels to eat the thing made by a mother.

Bhringi says Mahadev made the time speed less while enjoying laddoo. Brahmadev comes there and tells that the situation is strange, Mahadev made the time slow and tells that the earth can destroy. Devi Parvati asks who can stop this divine moment. Bhringi says only Mahadev can stop himself. Maruti asks if he is done. Mahadev says it is really tasty. Maruti says it is made by my Mata. Mahadev says it was good if I hadn’t eaten laddoo. He says first we will go to your room, ask your mum to feed me laddoo and then will go to gyansarover.

Anjani reaches the pond and sees other boy. She gets worried thinking where is Maruti? Rishi Durvasa gets angry and asks where is Maruti. Tara says she will bring them. Kesari thinks Rishi Durvasa might curse Maruti. Maruti’s friends run calling his name. Anjani hears and follow them. Maruti tells Mahadev that they can’t return. He thinks baba’s intentions are not good and he wants to have his laddoo. He pretends and says it seems mata had kept another laddoo. Mahadev eats it. He asks for another laddoo. Maruti gives him laddoo again and again. He thinks you have eaten all the laddoos, but I can’t give the big laddoo which I kept for my Aaradhya. Mahadev asks him to give the last laddoo and thinks this is your test, I will see how you come out of this situation. Maruti prays to Devi Maa to help him.

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Telecast Date: 30th January 2020
Distributed By : And Tv And Zee5


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