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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 29th July 2020 Episode Episode starts with Anjani beginning the story of Peeplad and reminds him if he remembers Daksh insulting Mahadev, and tells that Rishi Dadhichi was present in that yagya. She says he asked Vishnu if Daksh’s behavior was right, but Vishnu had no answers so Rishi Dadhichi got upset and goes from there. She says Shani Dev didn’t like his behavior and tells that he is Shani Dev, nobody could be saved from his sight. He says Rishi Dadhichi, you have insulted the creator of this world, Shri Hari Vishnu. I will punish you for this.

Anjani says he went to punish Rishi Dadhichi. Rishi Dadhichi is praying outside his hut. Shani Dev comes there and says now I will see who will save him from my attack. He attacks Rishi Dadhichi with his powers. Rishi Dadhichi opens his eyes and tells Shani Dev that he knows that he has kept his sight on me and tells that he has to pay for this. Shani Devi asks will you punish me? Rishi Dadhichi says Mahadev’s two avatars will punish you in two yugs. He says one will be vanar avatar of Mahadev. Bhringi asks if he is Maruti? Mahadev says yes, but it is having time.

He says everyone’s karma phal is destined. Maruti asks if that vanar is me. Anjani says no, why you will fight with Shani Dev. That vanar might be someone else. Maruti asks what did Shani dev do now? Anjani asks him to have patience and tells that there is always a reason behind a work. She tells about Rakshas Vritrasur who was boon that he can’t die with any weapon. Maruti says then it would be difficult to kill him. Anjani tells that he had destroyed many with his clan and then eyes Indra Lok. He asks Indra Dev to leave the throne for him. Indra dev asks Agnidev to burn him, but nothing happens to him. Agni Dev gets shocked. All the Gods attack Vritrasur, but nothing happens to him. Devraj Indra uses all his powers, but to no help.

Indra dev loses. Vritrasur dethrones him and asks all Gods to leave. They all leave from Indra lok. Maruti asks about the ending. Anjani says the story is good. She tells that all the devtas went to Brahmadev, but he asked them to go to Rishi Dadhichi. Rishi Dadhichi tells his wife that his destiny is going to change. He sees the Gods coming down from the sky and tells that brahma dev have sent them here. Indra Dev greets him. Rishi Dadhichi tells that he came to know about their problem and asks them to come tomorrow, says your problem will be solved. Rishi Dadhichi’s wife asks him. He says you will know when the right time comes and sends her to father’s house. She comes to Mahadev’s Shivling and couldn’t do the puja properly. She gets worried and prays for her husband. Rishi Dadhichi prays to a Goddess and requests her to lick her with her tongue. The goddess becomes cow and licks his body. Devraj Indra and other devs come there and see the skeleton there. They think where is Rishi Dadhichi and his wife. Brahmadev comes there and tells them that this is Rishi Dadhichi’s skeleton and it will help you to fight with Vritrasur. Devraj Indra asks how did this happen? Brahmadev tells that you didn’t know his big sacrifice, you doubted him when you didn’t see him. He says Rishi Dadhichi was boon by mahadev that his bones were hard. Indra dev folds his hands. Brahmadev says the skeleton will be used as weapon to fight with Vritrasur. Maruti asks what is the role of Peeplad?

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Telecast Date:29th July 2020
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