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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 27th January 2020 Episode Start With Maruti keeping the laddoos in the cloth and thinks don’t know how much time it will take to meet my Aaradhya. He sees a big laddoo and thinks he will give the laddoo to his Aaradhya and then he will eat it after the bhog. He comes to his parents’ room and tells that he is thankful to them for being his parents and feels lucky.

He says he can’t be away from them and will meet his Aaradhya and come home soon. He touches their feet and leaves. He sees elephant on the way and asks Dhruv star to guide him to reach gyansarovar. He says I am inspired from you and went insearch of my Aaradhya. He walks in the jungle. Mahadev and Parvati smiles. Song plays…chala maruti dhundne aaradhya…He thinks he didn’t go alone before and thinks someone should be with him. Just then he sees dhruv star sparkling and asks if he is with him. He says lets go to meet Narayan. Parvati says this union is really precious.

Mahadev says bhakti/devotion shall be such. He says people prays in temple for years, but they don’t have faith in God. He says Maruti has simple bhakti. Devi Parvati asks if Maruti will understand what is Aaradhya? Mahadev says Maruti understood what he felt precious and he will write a new history of devotion. He sees snake and thinks what is this legless animal. He then sees the sparkling Dhruv star. He says I shall not move from my bhakti. A demon jumps down the tree and thinks the boy seems to have lost his way. He thinks he is in this body since many years and the body became old, now he wants new body.

Anjani sees a bad dream and gets up restless. Kesari asks her to sleep. Anjani says if I see Maruti once then my heart will get calm. The demon comes infront of Maruti and calls him. Maruti thinks he is thinking he seems to be helpless. Dhruv star sparkles. Maruti asks do you want to say that we are getting late, tells that mata says that we shall help old people. The demon in old man avatar signs him to come near him. Anjani hits the kalash by mistake. She thinks if there is something wrong happening.

Maruti greets the old man and asks why did you call me? The demon/old man tells that he came to cut the woods in the jungle, but he fell down and all the wood logs fell down and now he couldn’t see anywhere. Maruti tells about his mother’s teaching that they shall help people. The demon thinks his mother will repent for her teaching. Maruti asks who will repent. The demon thinks if he is magical. Maruti says he will get the wood logs. The demons try to touch him as Maruti tries to get the wood logs, but he can’t touch him and falls down repeatedly. He thinks what is happening?

Bhringi and Nandi ask what is happening? Mahadev says nothing can happen to Maruti as no bhoot, prêt and pisasch can touch him. Maruti asks what happened to you baba. The demon says he don’t want his help and asks him to go. He thinks Maruti’s power is in the potli. He makes the laddoo bag flies high in air and then keep it on the tree branch. Anjani comes to Maruti’s room and thinks he is sleeping, says she will sleep with him. She says I get peace coming near you.

She is about to keep hand on the pillow, thinking it is him. Maruti climbs up the tree and tries to get the cloth bag, but he can’t touch it. The demon thinks he will kill Maruti. He tries to touch him and falls down. His soul turns to a king who tells that he was cursed by Rishi Durvasa and thanks him and Maruti for the salvation, which he got with his touch. Anjani thinks about Rishi Durvasa and goes from there. Maruti gets his bag and thinks if old baba was after his laddoo. Just then the sky gets cloudly, Maruti thinks how to get out from here and calls Dhruv star.

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Telecast Date: 27th January 2020
Distributed By : And Tv And Zee5


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