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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 25th September 2020 Episode starts with a lady asking Anjani’s Dasi, why she didn’t go to Palace. Dasi tells that she don’t want t go as Maruti is not there. The lady tells that even her garden is having fruits, if Maruti would have been here then her trees would have been fruitless. Just then they see taadka attacking Sumeru and make the people lifeless. Rishi Angira tells Maruti that there is a reason for every decision and asks him to tell why he wants to gain education. He says if I am satisfied with your answer then I will let you stay here, else no. He gives him time till evening. Mahadev tells that Rishi Angira didn’t talk arrogantly. Nandi asks why did he ask Maruti about his purpose of education. He says Maruti himself is a learning for everyone. Mahadev tells that Rishi Angira asked Hanuman, why he wants to get this education. Bhringi says even we want to know his answer. Maruti thinks to search the answer to the question. A rakshas’ boy calls him and asks how dare you to go to Guru dev without seeking my permission. Maruti says I know and tells that you are Akshay, Ravan’s son. Akshay tells that they are rakshak of the ashram. Maruti says you are not student, but guard here. Akshay tells that he wants all students to be under him as he is superior of all. Maruti congratulates him and asks him to protect everyone. Akshay asks why did you come here? Maruti says to get education. Akshay asks him to work for his service. Maruti says I do worship of my God. Akshay asks which God, as my father is a God. Maruti requests him to let him go silently as he wants to search answer. Akshay asks other boys to catch him, but Maruti manages to go.

Maruti asks Shri Ram to give him darshan and guide him. Shri Ram appears before him and calls him. Shri Ram plays….Maruti says so you have come, take me out of this confusion. Shri Ram asks him to search answer for Rishi Angira’s question and says you are capable to answer question. Maruti understands his point and thanks him. He says I got my answer.

All of Sumeru’s residents panic with Taadka’s terror. She takes out their souls from their bodies and says no Vanars will be saved today. She takes out people’s souls from all the houses and laughs thinking she has made Sumeru as crematorium ground. Her aim is fulfilled. Maruti comes to Rishi Angira and tells that he has two aims in life and that’s why wants to gain knowledge to do his Prabhu’s work. He says I want to gain knowledge to walk on devotion path, then I can help my Prabhu to set the dharma in the world. He says that’s why I came in your shelter. Rishi Angira gets happy and impressed with his devotion. He accepts Maruti as his Shishya. Maruti greets him and goes out. He says Prabhu…I want to give this good news to you, due to you. He says I will get good knowledge from Guru dev. Akshay stops him and asks where is he going? Maruti tells that Guru dev accepted him as his shishya. Akshay asks him to accept his rule and come under him, else take his tail and leave. Maruti says even your father can’t throw me out from here. Akshay attacks Maruti with his sword. Maruti uses his mace to fight back. Akshay asks him to apologize to him and leave this Guru kul. Maruti asks if you are scared of fighting, that you was wasting time in talks. Akshay attacks him and falls on the tree himself.

Nandi tells Mahadev that Akshay is destined to die by Hanuman’s hands after many years in Lanka and asks if Maruti will kill him today. Mahadev says no and tells that Akshay got a chance to make himself better, can experience his divine power and if this happens then Akshay can make his future better. Akshay attacks Maruti and falls down again. Maruti makes him gain consciousness. Akshay looks shocked.

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Telecast Date:25th September 2020
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