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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 23rd July 2020 Prajapati Daksh getting worried. His wife asks him why is he worried for the girls who got blessed by Sapt rishis. Daksh tells that their daughters are having 36 qualities, but he wants a daughter who is extra ordinary and divine daughter. He says I know how to get such a daughter. He goes to brahmadev. Brahmadev asks him to pray to Mahadev. Daksh refuses to pray to Mahadev as he has cut his 5th head in bhairavnath’s avatar.

A fb is shown, Brahmadev says it was my mistake, my 5th head was egoistic. He says he was Devon ke Devon Mahadev. Daksh tells that he will not do Mahadev’s tapasya, but will do Mata Aadi’s tapasya. He begins his Tapasya. Mata Aadi appears before him and asks what is his wish. He says you knows well. Mata Aadi tells that he will get the daughter with divine and extraordinary qualities, but she shall never be disrespected else you will be destroyed. Daksh promises her. Prasuti gives birth to a baby girl. She gets tensed when she sees her palm closed. Daksh asks her not to worry as the girl is born with Mata Aadi’s blessings. Many Vaids saw her, but couldn’t identify. Maruti asks if it is related to destiny. Anjani says may be. devi Parvati asks Mahadev when Anjani will see his 11 mukhi avatar. Mahadev says she will not know now, it will be known to him when he becomes young.

Sapt Ridhis and Narad Muni comes there. Narad muni tries to play with her so that she opens her palm, but she doesn’t open her hand. He plays the dumroo of Mahadev and the girl gets happy and opens her palm. They all see Rudraksha in her hand. Daksh tries to get it, but it gets inside her hand. Daksh blames Narad for keeping Rudraksha in her hand. Sapt rishis tell him that Sati is related to Shiv. Daksh doesn’t believe them and tells that he will keep her away from Shiv and his anger becomes increases with time. Anjani says Daksh couldn’t understand that Sati was Shiv Shakti. A crow attacks Sati while she is making Shivling.

Sati gets angry and throws a small stick on her, but the stick becomes an arrow. Crow gets shocked and thinks he has called his death. He goes to brahmadev and asks him to save him. Brahmadev asks him to go to Vishnu. He goes to Vishnu. Mata Lakshmi asks him not to waste time and go to mahadev. Crow goes to Mahadev and becomes human. He asks Mahadev to save him from brahmastra. Shiv opens his eyes and smiles. He says Daksh’s daughter Sati. Anjani says Sati was Aadi Shakti’s ansh. Sati was with her friend Subhadra. Subhadra tells that Daksh is searching groom for her. Sati says she doesn’t want to marry now. Just then Subhadra sees a lion and gets shocked. Sati looks on.

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Telecast Date:23rd July 2020
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5


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