Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 18th March 2020 Written Episode Update


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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 18th March 2020 Episode Start With Kesari telling Rishi Matang that this must be demons work. Rishi Matang says we can’t ignore the possibilities. Anjani asks what to do now? Rishi Matang tells that only Mahadev can make everything fine. He says this might be your leela, but you can let this darkness go. They all say har har mahadev. Maruti thinks his stomach is full now and thinks to go home, Mata must be worried. Devraj Indra comes there and stops Maruti. He asks him to say who is he? He says if you lie then I will kill you right here.

Maruti greets him, says he doesn’t lie and tells that he is Kesari and Anjani’s son. Devraj Indra thinks this is the divine boy whom I and my son Bali tried to kill. Maruti apologizes to him. Devraj Indra tells that he came to kill him. Maruti says my death is in my Aradhya Shri Ram’s hands. He says I don’t want to fight with you and is about to go. Devraj Indra asks him to do war with him. Maruti says you will get hurt if I fight with him. Devraj indra says it seems your parents didn’t give you courage to fight the war. Maruti uses his tail and makes Devraj Indra come down from his chariot. Maruti and Devraj Indra start fighting.

Maruti hits him with his made. Devraj Indra hits Maruti with the Vajra. Maruti falls down from the Devlok and shouts Mata. Anjani realizes Maruti is in trouble. Surili informs anjani that Maruti is not in the palace. Devraj Indra says today I got rid of the big trouble and smirks. Vayudev feels something is wrong and closes his eyes. He sees Maruti falling down and holds him before he could fall down on the ground. He asks Maruti to open his eyes and recalls teaching him flying. He asks who has attacked my son, come infront of me.

He prays and tries to revive Maruti using his powers, but nothing happens. He says I can’t see you like this. Vayudev asks Mahadev, what is this test? Mahadev looks on. Anjani prays to Mahadev and asks him to keep Maruti blessed and safe. Kesari says I sent my soldiers to search Maruti and says nothing will happen to him. Anjani says something happened to him. She says if anything happens to Maruti then I will give my life. Rishi Matang says if you call Mahadev then he will hear you. Devi Parvati tells Mahadev that she can’t see Mata Anjani’s pain. Mahadev tells that Anjani’s love and Vayudev’s love will change Maruti’s life. Vayudev gets angry and says when my son is struggling for his life, entire world have to struggle for their lives. He says entire world has to bear my anger. All animals and humans get breathless. Kesari tells Matang Rishi what is happening, if I had meet my son. He asks Mahadev to give him place in his feet.

Anjani also collapses and falls down. Devraj Indra what is happening on the earth. Narad muni tells that this is because of your karma. He says you and all the Devtas have done wrong with that innocent boy. He says if the earth gets destroyed then swarglok couldn’t be saved. He says you gets powers because of the people’s prayers and yagya. Devraj Indra realizes his mistakes and asks Narad muni to give some solution. Narad muni asks them to apologize to Pawan Dev, tells that boy Maruti is his son and he got angry. All devtas come infront of Pawan Dev/Vayudev and apologize to him. Devraj Indra says I am guilty.

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Telecast Date: 18th March 2020
Distributed By : And Tv and Zee5


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