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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 16th March 2020 Episode Start With hanuman flying towards the sun to eat thinking it as a divine fruit. He thinks it is very far away, he has to increase his speed as he can’t leave such a tasty fruit. He thinks he has to return for puja also. Rahu sees him and thinks who is this creature, thinks Devtas must have called some Gandharv to defeat us. She asks the demons to stop him before he enters Surya lok. Rishi Matang starts the puja and asks Anjani and Kesari to pray for Surya Dev. The demons fly behind Maruti and asks him to stop. Maruti thinks if they need his help and stop. He turns to them and says you all are rakshas. They laugh and says you are surrounded by us. Maruti tells that he is going to have fruit as he is hungry. He asks them to leave from his way else he will not talk to them, but his mace will talk to them.

The demon says your death us sure. Rahu comes there. Maruti is shocked to see him and says upper body is of rakshas and lower body is of snake. He asks how did this happen? He asks him to show his tongue and says you look strange. Rahu says I thought you as an ordinary boy and was leaving, but you have invited your death by saying this. He asks the demons to kill him. He laughs. Maruti says I am surprised seeing your bravery. Rahu says this war will end before it starts. Maruti says this is a good idea, I don’t want to fight with anyone, says I will leave, my mother might be waiting for me. Rahu says you have insulted me, so I will punish you. Maruti says neither I insulted you nor I am interested to fight with you. Rahu tells the demons that the boy is scared of him and kept quiet. Maruti tells that he is not scared of him, tells that he is in hurry else don’t leave any chance to do exercise. Rahu asks him to see his power. He attacks Maruti with his sword.

Maruti hits him with his mace. Rahu is pushed back and thinks this boy is very powerful, but I am also Rahu. He says I destroy the people with my interference. Maruti starts flying while Rahu effect/Vish follows him. Maruti speeds up. Rahu thinks his vish is very powerful and will not only kill him, but can kill a sena. Maruti hears him and flies near Rahu’s sena. Rahu’s Vish kills his own sena/demons. Rahu is shocked. Maruti tells him that anger fire burns self. Rahu says your end is written in my hands. Maruti asks him to come. Rahu attacks him with a weapon. Maruti pushes ihim and thinks don’t know where will he go? He talks to his stomach and says I am coming to eat that divine fruit.

Nandi and bhringi come to Mahadev and greets Mahadev. Devi Parvati tells that Maruti has defeated Rahu. Nandi and Bhringi tell that Rahu must not have thought that he will be defeated by a boy. Mahadev tells that Maruti has defeated Rahu. Devi Parvati says this leela will be better for all the world. Mahadev says Maruri’s real test will be when he comes infront of Surya dev. Devraj Indra tells Surya Dev and other Devs that Rakshas are coming there. Maruti is coming there. Devraj Indra tells that it is very difficult for Rakshas to come near there, as the devtas are guarding the place at many places. Surya Dev appreciates Devraj Indra’s plan and says surya grahan is about to begin. Matang Rishi says Surya graham/solar eclipse is about to begin. Anjani sends Surili to bring maruti. Maruti thinks he has to eat the fruit and return soon, as Mata must be waiting for her. He finds the firewall and greets Agni Dev. Agni Dev comes infront of him and gives his intro. Maruti greets him and says he is very hungry and that’s why he came. He says he saw a divine fruit and that’s why he came to eat it. Agni dev asks what is this sound. Maruti says it is coming from my mouth and asks him to move his fire wall. Agni dev says you will be burnt when you go near the fruit. Maruti asks him to move from his way and let him go. Agni dev challenges him to fight with him.


Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 17th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Maruti eats Sun thinking it as a fruit. Devraj Indra attacks Maruti.

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Telecast Date: 16th March 2020
Distributed By : And Tv And Zee5


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