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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 14th February 2020 Episode Start With Maruti thanking Singhraj for saving Kesari and asks him to return to jungle. Tiger leaves from there. Anjani hugs Maruti. Devi Parvati tells that she didn’t see such divinity before. Mahadev says Rakshas had taken Ram name from Maruti and this way he is their Guru. Parvati says Maruti is great. Kesari asks how did he bring singhraj here? Maruti says Mata tells that anything can melt with love. They smile. Kesari asks what is that mantra because of which Demons got mukti. Maruti goes to take fruits and thinks he couldn’t tell them as he promised Rishi Durvasa. Anjani says the mantra might be divine. Kesari says his trust on Mahadev got more stronger now.

Anjani says they shall do puja. Maruti says Ram….They do puja and says har har mahadev. Bali is on the way. Anjani prays to Mahadev to keep Maruti blessed. Bali thinks trouble has returned and Anjani’s son will be killed, as Maha bali has returned. He says get ready nephew, bad days are about to come. Parvati tells Mahadev that Bali is returning from the battle field after few years and has become more evil. Mahadev says he wants power and has become enemy of himself. Devi Parvati says enemy of Maruti also. Bali hears Maruti laughing and sees him. He asks who is there and asks him to come out. Maruti calls him Kaka shri and asks didn’t you identify me? Bali asks who are you? Maruti says he is Anjani’s son and his nephew.

Bali hits on the tree to make it fall on Maruti, but Maruti goes at a fast pace, He finds Maruti standing near the tree and takes out the tree from its roots. He asks him to come infront of him. His soldier asks why you are taking out anger on the trees. Bali says I am trying to calm my anger. Maruti is in the palace and asks Anjani if he can go. Anjani asks him to take care. Bandu tells Maruti that they will not hang on the trees and says he wants to travel in the chariot. Maruti says I will take you on a chariot ride. They see Bali’s chariot. Bandu says from where it came in jungle. Maruti asks whose chariot is this? who is the Swami of this chariot, when he don’t get any reply. Bandu says there is no owner. Maruti says I will count till three and if the owner doesn’t come then the chariot will be of us, He starts the countdown, when nobody comes, they get on the chariot and asks horses to take them. A soldier sees them taking the chariot and tries to stop them, but in vain. He comes to inform the senapati. Senapati scolds him and asks them to search the chariot before bali comes.

Bandu tells that they shall return. Maruti tells that they shall have food and then see crocodile etc. A villager sees him and thinks to inform Kesari that they went in dangerous side of jungle. The soldiers come to the chariot and tell that it belongs to them. Bandu says it is of my Maharaj. They ask who is he? Maruti says I am. He asks Bandu to give his instructions. Bandu praises Maruti. The soldiers tell that they will be punished for stealing the chariot and says they will put them in karagar. Maruti’s tail hold them and tie one of them upside down. Bandu says what is this magic?

Maruti says I let my tail do whatever it want to do. The soldier try to get Maruti, but couldn’t catch him and they fall down. Maruti says if you would have asked chariot using love then I would have returned to you and asks them to forgive him thinking him as a child. They get up and runs away. Senapati says Maharaj’s Sandhya vandana is over. Bali comes there and asks where is my chariot? The soldiers inform him that two boys took his chariot. Bali kills them and says now it is the turn of those two boys. He jumps and flies to go there. He sees Maruti and bandu. Maruti says we will meet crocodile and return home. Bali comes infront of them.

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Telecast Date: 14th February 2020
Distributed By : And Tv And Zee5


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