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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 13th March 2020 Episode Start With Devraj Indra asking the devtas if they will let the demons win. The devtas tell that they will send the demons to the hell and they will be defeated. Shukracharya tells the demons that he gave them a new life and asks them to make sure that tomorrow’s solar eclipse is the last. He says once Rahu holds the sun then the Rakshas will win and will have the right on all the world. Rahu smiles. Maruti comes to his friends.

His friends tell that they have eaten many sweets. Maruti says I haven’t eaten anything now and asks the shop keeper to give laddoo. He gives him laddoo. Maruti eats all the sweets which the shop keeper has and asks him to give more. The shop keeper asks him to eat him and tells that he has nothing left now. Maruti goes from there. Nandi and bhringi laugh. Parvati says this has happened because of the divine fruit given by Mahadev. His friends tell that Maruti won from them. Maruti tells that he had divine fruit and want similar fruit to calm his hunger. He tells that he is very much hungry. He eats all the fruits kept in the shop. The shop keeper gets worried. Maruti feels the smell of kheer coming from a house and goes there silently. He eats it and thinks his hunger haven’t ended. The villagers are shocked.

Brahma dev tells Mahadev that he is worried about tomorrow’s fight between devs and demons. Mahadev says he can’t interfere. Brahma says only Maruti can save this earth from this troubled situation. He says but Maruti is tensed due to his problem, as his hunger is not ending. Mahadev says today what you are thinking it as a problem will become a leela. He says this marks his journey to become hanuman, he will end the fight between demons and devtas.

Anjani asks Surili about Maruti and thinks where is he? She says I have seen you everywhere, and you are here? Maruti smiles. Anjani sees the banana peel and asks did you have all these fruits? Maruti says I was hungry. Anjani says now you will not be hungry. Maruti says he is still hungry. Anjani tells that they shall do puja before surya grahan to get mukti for surya devta. Shukracharya tells that today’s war will defeat Surya devta and will make the devtas know their place which is under the demons’ feet. He cheers for rakshas. Devraj Indra and other devtas cheer for Dev shakti and Surya Dev. Surya Dev comes and tells that they have to defeat the demons so that they don’t think of fighting war with them.

Anjani tells Maruti that they have to do puja before surya grahan. She hears sound from his stomach. Maruti tells that he is very hungry. Anjani asks what did you have? Maruti says a divine fruit. Surili tells that Matang Rishi came to the Palace. Maruti sees the sun and smiles thinking it as a divine fruit. Anjani gets surprised. Surya dev and the demons go towards each other. Maruti tells Anjani that he will have just one fruit. Anjani says you had all plate full. Maruti says just now to relieve my hunger. Surili calls Anjani. Anjani asks Maruti to come and goes. Maruti looks at the sun and thinks it is the same divine fruit which bhole baba gave to me. He thinks this fruit seems to be far and thinks to fly there to have it. He says Jai Shri Ram and flies high in the sky to reach the sun. Devi Parvati asks what is this leela? Devtas and Asurs are about to fight and Maruti went to eat the divine fruit. Mahadev says maruti has to stop this mishap from his divine leela. Nandi and bhringi come to Mahadev and Parvati. They tell that if they permit them then they want to see this divinity from near. Maruti is about to reach the Surya.

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Telecast Date: 13th March 2020
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