Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 10th January 2020 Written Episode Update


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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 10th January 2020 Episode Start With Bali eyeing Kesari’s Palace. Janma tells that he is feeling as the boy is miraculous. Sugreev says you said right and tells that the baby is divine and that’s why they were saved from the accident in cave. Janma asks what incident? Sugreev tells about the water outbursts in the cave. Janma tells that it seems to be conspiracy. Sugreev asks him to give instructions to him on what to do. Janma asks him to ask his men to keep eye on the people and not to let anybody go near Kesari and Anjani. Bali climbs up the mountain and says that is my aim. Sugreev checks the food in the Palace.

Kesari asks what happened? Sugreev says he don’t want any trouble to come near them and asks him to go and do vidhi. Kesari says vidhi is incomplete until his child is blessed by Bali. Bali comes to the cave and tells the vaid that he wants his help. Vaid says so you are a vanar and asks him to return, tells that he works only for Lankapati Ravan. He says if Ravan comes to know about you then he will cut your tail and will make you stand at the door. Bali gets angry and comes near him, and holds his neck. Vaid identifies him and says Vanar raj bali and apologizes to him. He asks what do you want? Bali says he wants the dangerous poison of the world. Tara and other sister tease Anjani. Vaid gives shank to Bali and says it has the most dangerous poison in it and even if a drop falls on someone then that person will be killed. Bali is about to go and then asks Vaid if he can test it. he makes the drop fall down from the shank and the place explodes.

Devi Parvati asks Mahadev about Bali doing wrong thing and becoming enemy of Anjani’s unborn child. Mahadev says until Bali does something wrong, he won’t be punished. All the ladies dance in the Kesari’s Palace. The baby in Anjani’s womb. Anjani shares her experience with her sisters/friends. Tara asks her to dance. They dance. Devi Parvati says you have made all the brahmand happy before your birth. Bali comes there. All the dancers stop dancing seeing him. Kesari sees his face and says Maharaj Bali. He greets him and apologizes to him. Bali says no problem, I should apologize to you for being late. Kesari asks him to come inside. Anjani asks Bali to bless her son. Bali says I want your son to get my age, and thinks he has to give him death.

Kesari asks Bali to have food. Bali says you want to say that I came here to have food. Kesari says I didn’t mean that. Bali says we will have food with all the family members. Tara asks everyone to have food and says Anjani will have just Kheer today, as I kept as bhog to God and Anjani will break her fast with it. She asks Anjani to sit and goes to get kheer. Bali eyes Anjani’s womb and thinks to add poison in the kheer.The kids see bali and talk about him. They see the shank and thinks bali’s powers might be because of Shank. Bali sees Sugreev checking the food items.

He thinks my brother is ruining my work and thinks how to add poison in kheer. He sees Tara taking Kheer and thinks my wife will become shield for me as they will not check the kheer made by her. He then looks at the shank and find it missing. He thinks if someone has stolen it. The kids has stolen it and check inside. They see something golden liquid inside. The liquid/poison is about to fall on the kids, when Bali comes and takes the shank in his hand. He pushes Tara and tells that he has become her Das. He says he wants to have their heir seeing these celebration. Tara says really. He asks will you give me the happiness of becoming a father. Tara says she was waiting for this moment since long and hugs him, holding the kheer bowl. Bali puts the poison drop on the kheer and looks on.

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Telecast Date: 10th January 2020
Distributed By : And Tv And Zee5


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