Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 30th January 2020 Written Episode Update


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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 30th January 2020 Episode Start With Sonakshi getting shocked seeing the video of Naren’s murder attempt. Some time back, Sonakshi says you really have fever. Rohit asks are you crazy, you are lying in Veena’s bed. He goes. Vimmi gets tea. She says Veena will worry knowing about his fever. Sonakshi says I got an idea. She talks aloud and makes Veena hear about Rohit’s fear. She waits for Veena. Veena asks Vimmi to give the milk to those who don’t value relations. Rohit says give it to me, I need it the most. He drinks it. Veena goes. Sonakshi says Veena is great. Vimmi says our plan failed. Sonakshi says no, how did that milk come. Vimmi says yes. Sonakshi says its a scene from my show. Parvati says yes, when Sumit is upset with you, you add medicines in the milk and he doesn’t know, I got the medicines from Veena’s room. Sonakshi says I wish Rohit and Veena’s relation gets like before. Nishi says no use to celebrate this small happiness, you can’t win in front of me.

Suman asks Pari to come out and not create any drama. She talks to Viren and his parents. Viren’s mum says he wanted to marry an Indian girl. Viran asks for Pari. Pari comes to meet them. Viren says I want to take Pari on a date, if you don’t want. Suman and Pari say sure. Veena is with Naren. Her friends say we are with you. They go out and talk about Naren’s shameful deed. Rohit hears them and asks them not to talk like this. The lady asks does anyone make things public like this. Nishi asks the lady to be quiet, she should be ashamed.

The lady says we don’t want to keep friendship with such people. Sonakshi calls Tulsi and asks for Naren. Tulsi says there is no development in his state, Rohit, Veena and Nishi are here. Rohit says thank God mom didn’t hear it. He sees Veena at the door. Veena cries and shuts the door. Nishi says just relax, Veena is bearing this because of Sonakshi and Suman, look at this, she is becoming great, tv’s most loved actress, its strange, Veena is insulted, the fans don’t know she is a gold digger, she didn’t come to the hospital when you didn’t write her name in duty chart, she isn’t bothered. He says its okay. Netra comes to meet him. Nishi goes to Veena. Netra asks how is Naren.

Rohit says he is critical. She says I came to invite you, the show is completing 1200 episodes so channel kept a celebration, Sona has given her resignation, channel thinks she is still everyone’s fav, I came to personally invite you, I understand even if you don’t come. He says I will surely come, how can I miss Parvati’s auction. The auction event begins. Sumit and Sonakshi come on the stage. They get seated with Netra. Reporter asks Sonakshi about her success. Sonakshi says I give the credit to my fans, my co star Sumit, Netra and you all. He says I heard you have resigned from the show. The channel head says we don’t accept her resignation, no one can become Parvati, Sonakshi is the Parvati. Netra says I agree, no one can replace her, I will set up in such a way that there is no problem in shooting. Sumit asks them to say if Sonakshi should leave the show. The people shout no…..

Reporter asks Sonakshi why didn’t anyone come from her family. Sonakshi says my father-in-law is critical, that’s why no one had come, I will also leave early. Rohit comes and says how can it happen that I don’t come in the event kept for my wife’s honor, I m Rohit Sippy, Sumit is Parvati’s husband, I m Sonakshi’s husband. Rohan asks Tanya to come with him and have some food. Deepa asks Tanya to just go. The man says the auction amount will be donated to an old age home. He starts the auction. Sonakshi sees Rohit. People bid for Parvati’s saree and earring. The man asks does anyone think the price can be more than 1.5 lakhs. Rohit says 10 lakhs. Everyone claps. He asks does anyone want to say or shall I consider it mine. The man says all yours. Rohit says Sonakshi is my wife, I can’t let it happen that someone claims right on her things, I m very possessive about my wife, your fav Parvati is here, don’t you all want to see her as Parvati again. The people say superb idea, we want Parvati. Rohit says we want Parvati. Sonakshi says stop it, what do you want to do. He asks her not to disappoint her fans, everyone wants to see her as bride. Sonakshi says okay…. She goes to change. Inspector comes to meet her.

She says you…. please come in, what’s the matter. He says we got an imp clue in Naren’s clue. Sonakshi asks the lady to stay outside. He says our officers surveyed the place, they found out that the person who pushed him is left handed. She says how can you be sure. He says they asked some people around, a girl said she had a fracture and wasn’t getting sleep, she was recording the moon, she recorded Naren’s fall as well, we have the video. She asks what, can I see it. She gets shocked seeing someone pushing Naren down. She cries. He says our experts tried to zoom and see, but we couldn’t see it, someone pushed him by left hand, it shows Naren knows the person well, he was talking to the person, the culprit is part of your family.


Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 31st January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Inspector says prenup papers result has come, someone forged your signs, someone who is left handed, someone tried to frame you in Naren’s case. Sonakshi is shocked.

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Telecast Date: 30th January 2020
Distributed By : Star Plus And Hotstar


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