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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 13th February 2020 Episode Start With Sonakshi walking into a police station. Some back time, After four months…. Netra celebrates her show success. The reporter says KPK is still so famous, everyone is happy, come, we will talk to show producer. Netra says I m very happy today, thanks. Reporter asks where is Parvati. Netra says my show’s Parvati and Kunal are here. The actors come. Netra hugs them. Reporter says you had replaced Sonakshi and Sumit some months back. The lady says the viewers have accepted me and Ali well. Netra asks them to go and get ready. She says it was tough to replace Sonakshi and Sumit, channel supported me, Sonakshi’s name was much stained, Sumit has gone to New York, so we have made a new start. Reporter asks where is Sonakshi these days, do you know. Sonakshi comes to the police station and meets Suman. She hugs Suman.

Suman asks are Pari and you fine. Sonakshi says yes, calm down. Suman says I trusted that builder and invested everything, I ruined it all. Sonakshi asks so what, we will work hard and make everything again. Suman says you are trying to work, the builder has run away, I m in jail, your name, respect and everything for ruined. Sonakshi says trust me, I will get you out of here, I will ask lawyer to get bail. Suman asks for fees. Sonakshi says I have given auditions, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Lawyer says sorry Sonakshi, this won’t be possible. Sonakshi says just go for hearing and get mum out on bail, Suman is a heart patient, if anything happens to her, I will pay you the fees. He says you aren’t the top actress of tv now, you have no work and money now, how will you give me fees, I went for two hearings, I will go if I get 4 lakhs, you find another lawyer. She says I will get the money. He says you should take help from Sippys. She refuses and asks him to prepare for the hearing.

Nishi asks YK to get the new wing renovated, mumma won’t say anything, Rohit isn’t in senses. She signs the cheques and says finally, I have got my rights. Vimmi says some patients has come, they isn’t going. The old couple meet Nishi and ask for Rohit to do their son Sahil’s surgery. Nishi says he won’t do it. The man says Sonakshi promised us that Rohit will operate Sahil. Nishi scolds them and also the receptionist. Rohit hears them and looks on. Rohit calls and says an old couple is coming out, you know what to do. Nishi says Rohit and Sonakshi aren’t one now. Nishi greets Veena and Naren. She lies about the rich patient coming. She says I won’t go against Naren and Rohit’s policies. Veena thanks her. Rohan says baby is kicking today, wow. They smile. Pari says everyone will know about the baby, what shall I do now. She changes her clothes.

Sonakshi asks did any call come for me. Munya says yes, they said channel refused to take you. Sonakshi says we have nothing, I have sold all the jewellery, we have to give 4 lakhs to lawyer. Pari says I will tell Pulkit. Sonakshi says don’t drag him into this, he went for his studies. Pari says ask Netra. Sonakshi says again. Tanya says I don’t like this soup. Rohan says my baby went on me.

Nishi says Akash and Deepa’s marriage is in 10 days, don’t depend on Pooja, she is busy in her store, dance practice and arrangements, find out where is Rohit. Vimmi says he had come home, I had seen him. Sukhmani says I get sad seeing him. Nishi says Sonakshi would have not come in this house if we agreed to Naren, Sonakshi left and ruined Rohit. Netra asks Sonakshi not to call her again for money. She says I already gave you many loans, I can’t help now, my show was getting shut because of your defamation. She ends call. Sonakshi gets sad and says people don’t forget that if the black clouds cover a sun, then the clouds will subside and sun will shine again. Pari says Sumit would have helped. Sonakshi gets a call and says its Bhabhi’s role, 20000 per day. She asks shall I come for audition, fine. Rohit operates the patient in a clinic.

Tulsi says congrats, surgery was successful. He says thanks for coming here to help me. She says we miss you a lot there, I will come when you need my help. He asks her to go now. She says patient’s parents want to meet you. He takes his bottle. The old couple meets him. Rohit says Sahil is fine, thank Lord. The man says you are like Lord for us. Rohit says no, I m a weak person, I couldn’t support my love. The lady says I will pray for you, you will get what you lost, you will get strength. Rohit says maybe Lord doesn’t disappoint me, I have hurt someone a lot, I gave her a big wound, any way Sonakshi promised you and its fulfilled now, pray for Sonakshi’s well being, I will think I got that prayer. He leaves. He doesn’t see Pari there. Doctor says its 16 weeks of pregnancy. Pari says no one should know this. Doctor asks how long will you hide this. Pari says no one will know until my plan to get baby’s rights succeeds. Rohit sees her and says what is she doing in this hospital. He gets his friend’s call. His friend invites him for a party. Rohit says I will try.

Sonakshi reads the contract. The man says sorry, my assistant should have not called you. She says I told him I m ready to do any role. She signs the contract and asks him for 4 lakhs advance. The man says sorry, its not possible. She says its okay. The man says sign someone else for this role, I don’t want tension, she is asking for advance, do it fast. The assistant stops her. He says I know you need money, my brother organizes private parties, a tv actress is needed for dance performance, sorry, but if you say, you can go there, you will get 4-5 lakhs fees.


Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Rohit attends his friend’s party. Sonakshi dances there. Rohit gets shocked seeing her.

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Telecast Date: 13th February 2020
Distributed By : Star Plus And Hotstar


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