Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 30th May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 30th May 2022 Episode starts with Anu leaving for the seminar. The goon calls Ranvijay and says Anu just left, Gungun wasn’t with him. Ranvijay says she would be in the room, find out his room number.

Anu is at the seminar. He is called on the stage. He gets busy. Gungun applies sindoor in her maang. The goons enter the hotel and ask for Anu. They say we have to deliver this parcel to Anu.

The receptionist says we will hand over it to him, you can leave it here. The goon says no, we are asked to deliver this to Anu or his wife. The lady calls Gungun and tells about two men getting a parcel for Anu. Gungun thinks maybe organizers has sent it for Anu. She says ask them to come in evening and deliver it.

The goon thanks her. He says we couldn’t find the room number, but Anu and Gungun are together. Ranvijay asks them to kidnap Anu. They ask what about Gungun. Ranvijay says leave it to me, I m coming to Mumbai, you handle Anu till then. Golu and everyone are on the way. Akriti calls Rishi and asks about the hotel where Anu is staying. She says we have come to surprise Anu. Golu says we can’t let her checkin in the same hotel.

She says we will stay in Anu’s hotel. Yug says he is staying in five star hotel, it will be too costly. She says I will spend the money, don’t worry. Neeti says we will stay in any cheap hotel. Akriti says I will stay with Anu. Golu says we will call Anu to our hotel. She asks what’s the problem when I m paying.

Golu says we don’t want your money to get waste, I won’t feel good. Yug says we don’t spend much time. Akriti says just agree for my sake. Anu finishes the seminar and thanks for giving him such a chance to speak. He gets down the stage. The students stop him and click a pic with him.

Anu says I need to make an urgent phone call. Gungun gets his call. He asks did you get bored. She says much bored, I would have attended a seminar with you. They have a talk. She asks how was your seminar. He says really good, I m sending a car to pick you, everyone is waiting for my wife. She says someone came to deliver a parcel for you. He says ask them to deliver it at the reception,

did you have lunch. She says no, I m missing you, I like to have food by your hands. He asks her to not do any drama and order food. She says you won’t meet me after going to Lucknow. He jokes and says I can’t stay without you, have food, get ready and come here. The seniors come. Anu says my wife is alone at home, so I was worried, I will get her at the cultural program. Ranvijay argues with his friend about Gungun. He leaves.

Akriti and everyone reach the hotel. Golu stops her and says we will go and see if the rooms are available. He goes with Ankit and Yug. Yug says its good you didn’t let Akriti go to the reception, she would ask if Anu is alone or not. Akriti comes after them and asks the receptionist for Anu’s room number.

Gungun gets ready. She looks lovely. Golu asks Akriti to go to Neeti and Khushi, they will just come. Golu says we are Anu’s family, can you tell me his room number. The lady says his room number is 103. Ankit asks did he stay alone or not. Golu asks for three to four rooms.

She says its available on the same floor. Yug says we should book the room, else Akriti will come and ask the same question. Golu says fine, book the room. He asks them to come. The lady calls Gungun and says the car has come for you. Neeti asks Akriti to surprise Anu when he comes. Akriti says he will come back in evening, I m thinking to go to cultural program and surprise him.

Gungun walks in the corridor, while talking to Anu. She stumbles and shouts. Akriti hears her and says Gungun. She goes to see. She says Gungun is here. Neeti asks how can she be here, maybe you are mistaken. Gungun leaves. Akriti says I will find the truth today. Neeti stops Akriti. Akriti asks where did she go. Neeti says she isn’t here. Akriti says I m sure that it was Gungun’s voice.


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu, Gungun and his family are at the function. The man calls Anu’s wife on the stage. Anu gets shocked seeing Gungun and Akriti.

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Telecast Date:30th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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