Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 25th May 2022 Episode starts with Gungun and Anu thinking of each other, and crying. She says you didn’t keep a small promise. She calls him and disconnects. He also cries. Its morning, Anu is on the way. He gets Gungun’s call. He recalls Charu’s words. Gungun calls again. He disconnects.

She messages him, call me urgently. He says maybe she is in some problem. He calls her. She asks why didn’t you answer my call. He says Ranvijay is with you, why did you call me. They argue. He says I have seen you, you are happy with Ranvijay, I saw you hugging him outside the hospital. She asks what, was I hugging him, you didn’t come when I was waiting for you, I should be angry. He says I had come,

I went back seeing you hug him. She says I wasn’t hugging me, he was acting cheap, you saw his hand, you couldn’t see my face. He says sorry. She says I m also sorry. He asks why did you call me. She says mom left for US in the morning, just Bua and I m here, you can come home. He asks why are you calling me.

She says you promised me that you will come to meet me. He recalls his promise to Gungun and Charu. She says tell me if you want to break your promise. He says I never break my promise, its my life, I will take its decisions, I m coming. Ranvijay sees Anu and says why is he going in that direction of Gungun’s house, he would be going to meet Gungun, see how I teach you a lesson.

He smiles and goes the other way. Anu comes home. Garima says you here, I thought you won’t come. Anu says I have promised and had to come. She asks will you give a name to Gungun’s sindoor, I m glad that you filled her maang,

Riddhesh had chosen you for Gungun, she isn’t taking any food, you feed her, I will get some food. She goes. Anu smiles seeing Gungun. Ranvijay comes to Anu’s house. He scolds them and calls them shameless. He asks do you know where is Anu.

Anu asks Gungun to have food. Gungun says I don’t even want to breathe, I wish to go somewhere and die. Anu stops her. he says don’t say this. She cries and says dad left the world, mom went to US, Bua left the house, the one I love is someone else’s husband, I fell alone. She runs away and cries. Rait zara si….

plays… Anu holds her and wipes her tears. He kisses and hugs her. He lifts her and takes her to the bed. They lie down on the bed, and have an eyelock. He kisses her forehead. He hugs her romantically. Ranvijay says Anu crossed his line again. Akriti asks what did he do. Ranvijay says he shouldn’t meet my Gungun.

Sunanda says Anu has sworn on Charu that he won’t go to Gungun. He says I m worried for Charu, Anu is still meeting Gungun. Charu says he never broke his promise. Akriti says don’t believe him, he is jealous of Anu, so he is saying nonsense, he can never false swear on Charu. Ranvijay says fine then, come with me and see it with your eyes,

what your husband can do and what he is doing right now. She asks why shall we believe you and waste your time. He says its better than wasting entire life. Charu says I will end all relations with Anu if there is any truth in Ranvijay’s words.

Anu and Gungun are lying in the bed. Anu says life snatched one relation from you and gave you another one, I promise you, I will not let you fall alone. She says I can’t live without you. He says I have to go to Mumbai for seminar, who will take care of you. She says I can take care of myself.

He says you don’t eat food until I feed you. She says then don’t go. He says I have to go, you can come with me to Mumbai if you want. She smiles. He says I m not joking, I can take you there with me. She asks by which relation, your wife is Akriti. He says some relations don’t have name, like there are many stars in the sky that aren’t found and named, our relation is also like a nameless star. She says every nameless star gets a name one day, when will we get a name.

He says its imp to keep this star safe, I know what you are thinking but its not so easy, everything is complicated, I don’t know where to start, I have a named relation with Akriti, but I have a relation of heart with you, give me some time, I promise, I will make everything fine. He hugs her.

Ranvijay brings Akriti and Charu home. He says I can’t see my wife with anyone else, you go. Garima sees them coming. She worries and knocks the door. She asks Gungun to open the door. Gungun and Anu get dressed, and open the door. Gungun asks what happened. Garima says Ranvijay, Akriti and Charu have come.

Gungun asks why. Anu says they might have come to find me. Garima asks where is your bike. He says its in parking. Garima asks him to go out from backside. Anu asks why shall I run away, I m not a thief. Garima says Ranvijay is at the main gate. Anu says I think I should tell them the truth.


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 26th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Charu and Akriti meet Garima and go to check Anu. Gungun hides Anu in the cupboard. Akriti gets his kerchief there.

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Telecast Date:25th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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