Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 25th April 2022 Episode starts with Akriti calling Gungun and asking her to come to her wedding. She says Anu and I are waiting, come soon. Gungun says fine, I will come if you both want so. Anu asks Akriti why did you take my name. The girl asks Anu to talk later and give nek to get his shoes back.

Charu comes and says I will give the money, its my son’s marriage and there is no bargaining in blessings. He gives the money. Anu gets his shoes. The professor congratulates Anu and Akriti. He says I m sure that your child will also become a great scientist, this is for you. He asks Anu what happened now.

Akriti says he went to institute on the wedding day also, don’t know what experiment he did there. The man says strange, I was there but didn’t see him there. He asks Anu why didn’t you meet me. Anu says I didn’t go there, when did I say that, I went for an imp work. Akriti asks whose call was it. Anu asks are you police inspector to interrogate me. The man says wives are the biggest police inspectors.

Gungun gets ready. She says I didn’t know that you will call me there and make fun of me, who asked you to come to save me and fill my maang, you have hurt my emotions, you did what you wanted, see what I will do now, I will come in your marriage with the sindoor you applied. She applies the sindoor.

Sargam asks Garima why is she worried. Shankar says she is upset on her daughter’s bidaai. Sunanda asks Garima not to worry, Akriti will be happy. Garima says I m worried for Gungun, I had called Riddhesh, Gungun was crying a lot, so I m worried for her. Shankar says everything happens for its own good. Gungun knocks the door and says dad, I m going out. Riddhesh is in pain. He tries to shout to her.

He holds his arm. Gungun says maybe he fell asleep, I will come back soon. he falls down. He tries to get his medicines. Guard comes and says some files came for Riddhesh, there is something like sindoor in your maang. She says its sindoor. He says but it will be applied after marriage, everyone will ask this. She asks why, nobody asks the guys, why does everyone ask the girls. He says people will talk about it.

She says I don’t care for those people. She leaves. Neeti says where did Anu go today. Everyone is dancing. Gungun arrives there. Ankit, Neeti and Khushi get shocked seeing her sindoor. Charu asks Shankar and Garima to sit with them and have food. Gungun comes to Anu and Akriti, and says congrats. Akriti says so you have come. Garima sees the sindoor in Gungun’s maang. Sunanda asks why did she apply sindoor. Sargam asks why will we ask her. Gungun says I m okay, dad had urgent work,

so he didn’t come, Akriti called me so I had to come. She asks them not to think that she came empty handed, she has already given the wedding gift to Akriti and Anu. Akriti asks when. Gungun asks didn’t you tell her. She thinks now he will regret inviting me. Garima says Gungun, I m asking about the sindoor. Akriti says she is so dumb that she forgot the difference between sindoor and makeup, just married girls apply it. Gungun says I know it well, that sindoor isn’t makeup, it’s a sign of marriage. Sunanda asks why did you apply it.

Goli says when you know it, then why did you apply it. Garima says you are joking, right. Shankar says it’s a bad joke. Yug says this is too much. Golu says I don’t think Gungun will make fun of sindoor. Shankar’s mum asks do you have a husband or not. Akriti asks why did you apply it. Garima asks why did you put this, did anyone else do this and why, does Riddhesh know. Akriti says you already got the attention, wipe it off, else people will think you are mad. She goes to wipe it. Gungun stops her. Anu looks on.

Gungun says you know the meaning of sindoor, even then you were going to clean it, if I do this with you then… Golu asks did you get married. Ankit and Yug asks where, with whom and when. Garima asks Gungun to stop joking. Akriti jokes on Gungun. Gungun says you can’t tolerate the truth. Akriti asks whom did you marry, I think you are lying. Gungun asks why, don’t I have a right to marry. Akriti says I married in front of everyone and got their blessings, you aren’t telling us about your husband. She asks Anu to explain the meaning of sindoor. Gungun says he doesn’t know the meaning himself, what will he explain, he is so innocent and simple. Charu says Anu knows the meaning of sindoor.

Gungun asks really, then he would be knowing the meaning of applying sindoor. Yug asks why is she doing this. Neeti asks what does she want to prove. Shankar says Garima, ask Gungun not to do the drama and embarrass us.

Garima asks Gungun to come. Gungun says I have come to wish them a happy married life. She asks Anu did he show the ring to Akriti which she gifted him. Anu says I will show later. Akriti asks when did she give it to her. Gungun asks Anu to tell Akriti when did they meet and where. Garima asks did you really get married. Gungun says yes.


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gungun says I don’t trust anyone, everyone cheated me. Akriti says life gave you what you deserve. They argue. Gungun says someone married me to save me. Akriti asks Anu how did he get hurt, is he hiding something.

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Telecast Date:25th April 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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