Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 16th May 2022 Episode starts with Maya saying I want to keep the marriage soon but pandit said that the marriage shouldn’t happen till one year. Ranvijay’s dad says don’t worry, our pandit said that we can keep a puja and then keep the marriage, I will ask the pandit if you say.

She asks him to ask the pandit. Anu comes there. Gungun refuses to have the food. Ranvijay says I will feed her by my hands. He asks Gungun not to worry and forget everything, focus on their bright future. He asks her to have sweets. Gungun gets angry on him. Ranvijay’s dad talks to the pandit and says he gave the early mahurat.

Maya says we will go with it, we will keep Gungun and Ranvijay’s marriage this Thursday. Anu gets shocked. Ranvijay asks Gungun to have sweets. Anu’s phone rings when he turns to go. They see him. Ranvijay says you came at the right time. Maya asks why did you come here. Ranvijay says he might have come to meet Gungun,

Anubhav meet my family, my mom, dad, Bua and would be mom in law, would be wife. He says Anubhav is Gungun’s friend and my friend also, we have many things common, especially Gungun. His dad invites Anu in the marriage. Ranvijay says he will come for Gungun’s sake. He asks Anu to have sweets.

Anu says congrats and goes to Gungun. He says I had your deposit and came to return it. Gungun asks what. He asks her to see, think it’s a wedding gift, congrats. He leaves. Ranvijay asks Gungun to show the gift. Gungun asks why do you want to see this, its my gift. She goes to her room and sees the ring. She cries.

Charu shows the old pics to everyone. He says we went too far for honeymoon, we went to Agra. Sunanda says yes, we stayed in his uncle’s place. Chavi says this is not honeymoon. Charu says it wasn’t possible for husband and wife to go shopping. Divya says we went to Shimla. She asks Akriti where does she want to go.

Neeti asks Akriti to go when she is getting a chance. Anu comes home. Akriti says we were talking about our honeymoon, we should go before the leaves get over, when everyone asks me, what will I say. Anu recalls Gungun. He says fine, we will go, tell me where do you want to go, but not abroad, in India only.

She smiles. Golu says I want to talk to you. Neeti asks what. Ankit says nothing. Akriti says I will come along. Golu says I want to talk something personal. Akriti asks what. Divya says Golu and Anu always cook something. Golu says it won’t be personal if we tell you. Charu jokes.

Maya comes to Gungun and asks did you decide the wedding theme, please we don’t have much time, is Emerald city theme good, you like it. Gungun says nothing is of my choice in this marriage. Maya says fine, I m going to select the venue. Garima comes. Maya says you came early, I thought you will come in the marriage.

Garima asks marriage? Maya says Gungun is marrying on Thursday, she already married Ranvijay, I have to make this official. Garima says Riddhesh passed few days back. Maya says I have no answer to tell the people, everyone is asking who is Gungun’s husband, why did you go out with sindoor, anyways, I have called few close relatives. Garima asks who is the guy. Maya says Ranvijay. Garima asks what. Maya says you are reacting like I m getting her married to a donkey. Garima says he is a donkey. Maya says she married Ranvijay in the temple.

Garima says Gungun didn’t tell me anything, did she really marry Ranvijay. Gungun recalls the marriage. Garima says I know Ranvijay well, he doesn’t deserve Gungun, she can never stay happy with him. Maya says I m glad that you worry for Gungun, I know what’s right and what’s wrong for her, just come in the marriage and bless her, excuse us, we have to go for shopping. Gungun refuses.

Garima says I can see how happy she is with this marriage. Maya says you can’t see her happy. Garima says I wish you could understand where is her happiness. Maya asks will I understand or her Bua who left her alone in tough time. Garima says I had to leave. Maya says do the same now, go. She asks Gungun not to come in Garima’s words. she leaves. Gungun cries.

Garima asks why are you doing this, why are you going to the US, why are you marrying Ranvijay, he isn’t a right guy, he just wants your money, I know you aren’t happy, it means you are helpless, what is it, did you fight with Anu. Gungun says don’t talk about him, he is a nobody. Garima says you are angry on Anu, it doesn’t mean that you marry Ranvijay, Riddhesh would have never wanted this, I also don’t want this marriage,

take this step, refuse for the marriage. Gungun says I have no option, I have to marry Ranvijay. Garima says that sindoor had no meaning. Gungun says Ranvijay didn’t apply the sindoor in my maang. Garima asks who applied it. Gungun says I can’t say, else it will be a big problem, I have to marry Ranvijay. Garima asks what do you mean.


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gungun comes to Anu’s house and says you all wanted to know about my husband. She says Anu, I have come to you, you didn’t want me to go to US. Akriti raises hand on her and scolds. Gungun holds her hand and says when the first wife talks, then the second one shouldn’t talk in between. Everyone is shocked.

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Telecast Date:16th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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