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Kaamna 6th July 2022 Mr Holkar informs Vibhav that he must try to think it with a cool mind, he asks Vibhav to sign on these papers which Vibhav asks so he informs they are of his divorce with Niharika, Vibhav at once sits down crying how can she divorce him so Mr Holkar hands him the water,

he exclaims Mr Holkar would hav given him this water to die in so stands exclaiming Mr Holkar has made the right choice for Niharika mam since no one can be better for her then Manav, he exclaims even he felt nice they both are coming together but was not able to say it to him,

he asks where does he have to sign so Vibhav exclaims he wants to sign it with the same pen which Niharika mam gave her when hey first met so it would have given him some peace of mind, he can finally end the thoughts he has of her, Mr Holkar exclaims he never thought that Vibhav would accept the decision so easily as fate changes all.

Vibhav rushes to Sakshi explaining that Mr Holkar asked him to sign the papers which would finalize the divorce between him and Niharika, after which she can marry Manav. He exclaims he thought of revealing it all so he can feel a little calm. Sakshi gets really tensed when Manav is coming to her but he is really nervous however when he is finally able to say it, Manav is shocked as Sakshi is leaving in anger,

she exclaims she is not able to think properly so has taken a short leave because of her headache. He agrees that there is nothing to be worried about but requests for five minutes so he can tell her about the proposal,

Sakshi in frustration replies that his personal life is no one of her concern and she doesnot care who he is proposing to after which she leaves. Manav looking at Niharika thinks she was wrong as he knew Sakshi never had those feelings for him and he for no reason was so hopeful of a good future. He exclaims some people do not have any love in their lives.

Mr Holkar is with Ranay, he exclaims that Vibhav went to sign on the divorce papers but has not returned till now, Ranay assures of finding him as he would be in the office.

Sakshi enters the house when Yatho greets her, he questions where is Dada when she replies he did not come, yatho questions if he proposed to her but she says he did not propose to her but proposed to someone else, yatho gets worried wondering how can his father propose to someone else.

Sakshi enters the room when Malti aunti asks if she came early, se while crying exclaims that the proposal was not meant for her and she thought he was about to propose to her but instead it was for someone else, she stands to go on the other side of the bed and starts crying, Yatho is really frustrated.

Manav is really lost in the meeting while the other members are explaining that their company has suffered immense losses when Niharika asks Manav what happened, he apologizes to them all but then gets a call from yatho, he informs that he will talk after coming back home but he replies that Manav cannot propose to anyone else without consulting him.

Swati comes to yatho explaining he said that Manav wants to marry his Sakshi mam but she cannot see it happening, he leaves in anger when Malti aunti also comes, Swati requests her to not be so hopeful since if Manav had any such feelings then would have already proposed to Sakshi as she knows it is not that easy to forget anyone, Manav was really happy with Akanksha and Yatho,

she believes they all must try to protect the life of Akanksha as no one can take his place, Malti aunti after wiping off the tears exclaims she is right and they should try but neither Manav nor yatho have any feelings for Akanksha so she cannot see this marriage happening in the future. Swati replies that they could only do this if he is not pressurized to marry Sakshi, and they would find out the truth from Manav.

Yatharth in the room is really frustrated thinking Sakshi mam is always there to help him calm down but he cannot do anything now, Yatho hits the ball which causes the gif to fall down, he picking it up takes off the cover when he is shocked to realize that Manav is deciding to marry Niharika aunti, he realizes when Manav was with Niharika and even Ayesha wished him Happy Father’s Day.

Yatharth calls Ayesha exclaiming she has finally got what she desires, she questions what he means when he says she wished to get Niharika aunti married with Manav, Ayesha replies he must not talk like this with him since she cannot understand it all, he replies that she found out all of his plans and then cheated. Ayesha tries to call him but he doesnot answer so she also texts him.

Mr Holkar is coughing really badly and he even calls Niharika but she doesnot respond so he takes out a tablet from the drawer after which he calls the worker to come inquiring if Vibhav who replies he has still not returned.

The door bell rings and Malti aunti answers to find Ayesha standing there, she asks where is Yatho so immediately rushes inside questioning why is he not answering her calls and said that he cheated on him, she questions what did he mean by it all when Yatho takes out the portrait which she had gotten made for them,

she questions what is he saying as she was the one who got it made, he takes out the other portrait showing this is the problem since she wants to get her mother married to Manav uncle, Ayesha gets frustrated with him so she asks him to come but he refuses, Ayesha scolds him saying she is not Manav uncle or Sakshi mam and she pulls him with her out of the room.

Mr Holkar asks Ranay where is Vibhav as he left the office in the morning with the divorce papers but has still not returned, Ranay replies he was not in the office and according to him, Vibhav would have run away as this is what he does whenever he faces any problem that he cannot face, Mr Holkar exclaims even then how long would he be able to run away from all this problem.

Ayesha comes with Yatharth, Mr Holkar is glad seeing them when Ayesha questions if he knew about the portrait so he agrees, Ayesha questions why did he not think of consulting them before taking such a big decision, he replies that such decisions are not taken by children when Ayesha coming towards him exclaims, they donot know what is best for them and only care about themselves, she asks yatho to come with him.

Mr Holkar feels pain in his chest when Ranay requests him to calm down since his health might get even worse, Mr Holkar exclaims he will fulfill his dream under any circumstance.

Sakshi opens the door when Mr Holkar is coughing and so she immediately starts to help him, he falls on the ground when Sakshi helps him sit on the sofa and tries to call the doctor but he stops her mentioning that he has something important to discuss with her, he tries touching her feet so she stops him assuring that he would be fine and nothing will happen to him. Mr Holkar requests her to convince Manav to marry Niharika.


Kaamna 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Niharika asks Manav to go and propose to Manav right now but he must keep the phone on loudspeaker, Manav informs Sakshi that he wants to talk with her but she replies she also has something to say, Sakshi asks Manav to marry Niharika jee hearing which he is stunned.

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