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Kaamna 5th May 2022 Manav and Sakshi walk toward each other and says at the same time that they need to talk. They both discuss about the marriage thought in Yadhu’s mind and wonders how to get rid of it. Sakshi blames herself for it as she planned to move out of the place. Manav asks Why’s she planning to leave as Yadhu can’t be without her but Sakshi explains her situation.

They decides to make sure that Yadhu gets rid of the thoughts. Vaibhav gets confused unable to check then video in CCTV footage. He finds the bathroom locked and decides to catch Akanksha red-handed and opens the door. He gets shocked when Akanksha slaps Christopher.

Akanksha blames Christopher for trying to take advantage of her. Vaibhav also pretends to be angry at him and throws him out slapping too. Once they leave Akanksha recalls Babli making her hear the voice notes of Vaibhav’s plan to get rid of her using Christopher. Samshu cries about leaving Yadhu an Malti asks the reason for it. She doesn’t answer.

Manav calls Holkar and requests him to fey Sakshi mam his job. Holkar says that he’s capable enough to recommend himself as he’s the CEO. He also feel bad for what happened with Sakshi and has compensation decides to give get a promotion with accommodation. Manav thanks him. Manav and Sakshi fight about where to keep the coffee cup and everyone gets shocked hearing it. Sakshi calls him not clean and careless person and Manav taunts her back.

Malti understands that they are acting and now understood the reason for Sakshi’s tears. Akanksha thanks Babli for saving her by playing the recording. Babli says they are there for each other. However in the inside she swears to get revenge from Akanksha for Karan’s case after gaining her trust. She thinks that she would help Manav and will plan being in her good books.

Ayesha and Yadhu come to Manav and he asks them to not come there defending Sakshi. He keeps shouting against her. Ayesha and Yadhu tries convincing him to cool down but in vain. Manav shouts that Sakshi called him lazy and not careless and says that he doesn’t understand the stress in his job.

Yadhu asks Manav to apologize to Sakshi and make it up with her but he doesn’t listen. He says that he needs peace and asks them to put up a sign board out of his room to keep Sakshi away from him. Yadhu and Ayesha then comes to Sakshi who pretends to be equally angry at Manav and calls him arrogant. She is refuses to make up with him too.

Yadhu gives explanation that Manav is just in stress due to work but Sakshi doesn’t get convinced. She calls him out for his unhealthy lifestyle and says that she would soon stick the rules and regulations notice in his room. Ayesha and Yadhu were upset about Manav and Sakshi’s fight and wishes to proceed with their already planned move. Manav is eavesdropping their conversation.

Precap : 

Kaamna 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sakshi and Manav will again pretend to fight and Sakshi will say that she just spoke with Mr. Holkar. Sakshi will hurt Manav unintentionally by bringing up his past.

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Telecast Date:5th May 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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