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Kaamna 4th July 2022 Sakshi questions what is the problem and what are they talking about, Manav with a smile thinks he has been wondering how to tell the truth to Sakshi, yatho tells that his father would not be able to tell her, Sakshi requests him to reveal the truth but Manav stops him from saying anything,

Swati calls Yatho so he rushes to meet her, Manav also goes to take her blessings when she apologizes for coming without notice, Manav asks if he made a mistake as she had to apologize to her own son, Yatho questions what did she make for him, she mentions it is the dish which they make for the varth,

hearing which Yatho gets tensed but he takes a bite mentioning since he accepted her request then she should also listen to him and stay in the same house, Swati agrees to stay with them when she asks if yatho would be fine with her new room partner,

Sakshi takes the basket from her and requesting that she should freshen up meanwhile she would prepare tea for her. Sakshi gets tensed when yatho comes back informing Sakshi that Manav has agreed to marry once again, she must be ready to be called Misses Bajpayee.

Manav turns down the fan speed explaining that it would prevent her knee from aching, Manav sitting beside her explains how he knows she is worried because yatho left the house, Swati replies that when he came home, she saw loneliness in his eyes so felt he was not able to take care of yatho because of his work,

she felt he would be better if she was in front of him so came here. Manav assures that yatho is his top priority and now there are other people in the house including Malti aunti and Sakshi mam, he is very happy with them all, Swati replies this is what scared her since yatho left even when there were a lot of people.

Sakshi entering the room explains sometimes parents cannot do anything in front of the desires, but Manav is a really nice father, Swati replies she agrees but even then, feels Yatharth should have his mother does Sakshi not think it is the truth.

Niharika calls Manav asking if he would come to the office since she needs to give him the present of his birthday, Yatharth calls Ayesha informing that Manav agreed to marrying for a second time, she in excitement leaves when Niharika congratulates Manav mentioning yatho called Ayesha and she in excitement revealed the truth.

Manav replies they can expect this from yatho since he is so excited and he would himself walk around the drums around his neck. Niharika agrees to meet him tomorrow in the office. Vibhav turns to leave when Mr Holkar is excited and asks Niharika when is she going to take the decision about her future, she assures she would do it very soon.

Sakshi is in the room when Malti aunti comes asking if she was right about the reason Swati came, Sakshi replies she feels that Akanksha sent her purposefully hearing which Malti aunti gets tensed but Sakshi assures there is nothing to be worried about since she saw something different in the eyes of Manav for her and she knows even he doesnot have any feelings for Akanksha nor Yatho, Malti replies that Manav would never propose to her because he is really shy so she would have to talk with him.

Manav is sitting, Yatho comes from behind and after kissing him asks when is he going to tell Sakshi mam that he is ready to marry her, Manav requests him to calm down otherwise everyone would find out,

Yatho questions why is he trying to hide it all when they would know the truth really soon, Manav replies that he is waiting for the right moment since girls are too complicated, he wishes Sakshi should realize he is marrying her because of their feelings and not just because of yatho, so he must let his father take care of this situation.

Yatharth replies he is understanding what Manav is saying that if he doesnot propose to her properly then she would not agree but he if it is successful then he would get his new mother, Manav advises Yatho to also open a marriage consoler since he learned a lot from his father’s life,

Manav replies that yatho doesnot know his father has never proposed to any girl so he feels really tensed while talking and even his body starts vibrating. Yatharth agrees to give his father some time when Swati calls him asking if he doesn’t want to hear a story.

Yatharth is lying down in the bed but is not able to sleep, he is constantly massaging his stomach but finally wakes Swati requesting for the medicine since he cannot sleep, she replies that she asked him to not eat so much. She informs that a mother is the only one who knows when her child is ill or needs something to eat which in short means that she is happy with her child and also sad with them.

Yatharth starts thinking about the moments when Sakshi mam took care of him and she also stood by him in any moment when he was sad, she even tried to protect him from the accident. Yatho wishes when would his father propose to Sakshi mam.

In the morning Sakshi is sitting with Yatho when Manav comes mentioning they are going to have the delicious fritters made by chef Manav, he sits down but then burns his hand while trying to serve, Sakshi immediately brings the napkin for her mentioning she asked him to let her serve but he wants to do everything by himself,

Yatho exclaims how he is really weak. Manav replies what is he saying since the hand got burnt but he was just trying to propose to his new mother, Sakshi mam gets worried. Yatho informs he is getting confidence.

Yatharth asks Manav to propose but he asks what does she like with the fritters, she mentions she likes the sauce made by the coriander, Manav replies even he likes the sauce made by it, he starts fumbling while talking but then exclaims he loves Sakshi, she questions what did he say so he replies he meant he loves yogurt which means curd. Yatho questions how did yogurt came in between them but Manav apologizes.

Manav asks her to have the fritters made of potato, he starts fumbling but then requests her to marry him. Yatho explains that if he would propose like this then any girl would take so he proposes on behalf of his father,

Sakshi mam takes the rose so agrees to marry him. Yatho is smiling when Swati questions if he is hearing what she just said, she lies down with him when Yatho explains that he would ask Dada to get him a new Mumma really soon, Swati replies that even she wants the same since they need to give Akanksha a second chance, she sees that yatho has fallen asleep.

Akanksha while sitting in her room is looking at the old video with Manav when he would bring the favorite things which she liked while she was expecting Yatho. She thinks how he is still angry with her but she knows there is still love in his heart, she would surely convince him to forgive her.


Kaamna 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sakshi asks Manav if he is going to propose to any girl, she wishes to know who is that lucky girl. Manav replies she is near him and Sakshi can look into his eyes, Sakshi sees Niharika walking with Vibhav in the sunglasses as the fall before his eyes, Sakshi gets tensed.

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