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Kaamna 4th January 2022 Vibhav Kapoor says that either he should allow Akanksha to work with his company or they can end this situation right now, Manav questions what sort of a condition is this, Vibhav explains that it is a just a step towards friendship,

he mentions even if he doesnot want to be friends then should give him the honour to end this debt, they should allow him to be friends, he stands up moving his hand towards Manav so he should shake it, Manav explains he will think about it, Vibhav explains that he would think this means most for him, he should at least think about it, Vibhav leaves once again thanking Manav and Akanksha for the tea.

Manav is sitting when Akanksha questions what he has thought about, which worries Manav so Akanksha sits down asking why is he worried so much because Vibhav is such a big businessman even then he came to their house for the sake of ending the differences, he must not think a lot, she says Manav has just made the wrong assumptions, Akanksha leaves after she receives a call asking him to get ready otherwise he would get late.

Akanksha thinks it is the contractor, she asks if the room is completed, when he explains how it can be completed since they are short of both money and material, she assures him that they will arrange the money, but the work should not be stopped, Vishwakarma mentions they cannot do anything since he was forced to send back the plumbers.

Manav is sitting at the table, he asks who called her so early, she explains it was Vishwakarma who is saying they would need extra finances and material, Manav asks her to tell him that they would arrange it in a day or two, however she questions how would he do it because he doesnot want to take any loan and the person from whom he has taken, is misbehaving with him, he even had to sell his car.

Akanksha explains that they are in this problem because of her, she also wants to help him in these financial crises so it is her right, Manav thinks how Ibrahim came threatening to take over the bungalow,

Akanksha tries to insist that he allow her to work as a model when Manav tries to question but she says that he cares the most about her happiness so should know that she would be the most happy with modelling so he should allow it, Manav explains she cannot understand but Akanksha explains that he is just worried but even her mentor said that she would learn a lot by taking new clients.

There is someone at the door, Akanksha opens it and is amazed to see Yatharth, he hugs her then coming in mentions he was really happy to see the hoardings of her mother, Yatho mentions he even told his friends that she is his mother, Manav questions how he came back early, he explains that one zoo was closed so they returned. He asks Akanksha why she took the photos with that uncle and girl,

Akanksha explains that they both were also models just like her, he replies then it is fine otherwise he would have never talked with her, Manav questions why is he thinking like this as it would never happen. Yatho questions if she would do the ads again, she mentions this can only happen if Manav agrees.

Aansh explains to Manav that he feels Vibhav Kapoor has also done the right thing by coming back to him, Rhea says that he should also think about it all from the point of Akanksha’s view as she has the chance to live her dream once again, Aansh informs that he only has the problem with Vibhav Kapoor but must understand that by doing the ads for his company, Akanksha would get to achieve the fame which she desires, Manav tries to explain, Rhea says he would always be stuck in this problem so should let Akanksha do what she desires.

Manav is in the office when Nariyan is having an argument with Rakesh je, he says that Chokse sir asked him to place the file on his table so he did it, he enters the office of Manav mentioning that he is only doing this because of the respect which he had for his father, Manav asks what does he mean,

Nariyan explains there was only one collage in his village and his father got in an argument with the principal so he stopped going there, but is now forced to listen to the stupid talks of such people, Manav is forced to think if what he is doing is right.

Manav in the night explains that he got tired but there are a lot of things going on in his life, he sits down on the bed explaining that he feels what happened between him and Vibhav Kapoor was not wrong and he was the one who over red, if they see from his point of view then he is a really big business man so who cares if he is corrupt, Akanksha would work hard and earn every penny, he asks if she has a new dress, Akanksha questions if he is going to wear it but he replies that it is for her to go at the shoots.

In the morning Manav calls Vibhav Kapoor wishing him Good morning, Vibhav explains that those who are habitual of seeing dreams usually get disturbed but he is not like that, Manav explains he was thinking and realized he over reacted so now feels Akanksha should work for his company,

Vibhav in excitement exclaims this is a really good news and so now he would like to invite Manav with his family for dinner, Akanksha pressurizes Manav to say yes, Manav then explains they will reach his house at eight in the night, Vibhav ends the call asking if they are pure vegetarians, Manav explains they are pure vegetarians, Vibhav ends the call. Akanksha with excitement hugs Manav thanking him for all that he has done.

Vibhav orders Ranay to end all the meetings for tonight and also order the chef to prepare something special since the women of his dreams is coming with her slave, the girl with him asks how he can say such a poetic quote so causally. Vibhav says the women he is talking about is not short of any story or the poem of a writer, she is the dream girl. Vibhav stands with a smile.


Kaamna 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhav mentions this is a small gift for the new friendship, he presents a necklace, Vibhav starts looking at her, but Manav spots him. Manav explains that he is trying to get close to her by giving her the chance to work, he says she would no longer work for him, Akanksha gets shocked hearing this.

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