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Kaamna 30th May 2022 There is a biker standing on the road waiting he starts riding it as soon as Yatho steps on the road, Yatho is looking on the other side, Sakshi mam tries her best to prevent the accident but she gets thrown to the other side and the biker hits Yatho on the head,

Sakshi mam rushes to his side, she is crying her heart out requesting the people for help as her son is really injured but then it is reveled he is Anarug, he thinks the entire plan ruined because he desired that Sakshi stay away from the child but now she has gotten even more close to him.

Vibhav enters the house when Yashoda Dadi questions where is he going since her boss is busy in a meeting, Vibhav exclaims then he is going to wait for her boss, Sakshi mam assure she will not let anything happens to him,

she requests the driver to drive fast so they can reach the hospital in time, she tries her best calling Manav but he is a meeting and not even answering her calls, she requests him to answer but he doesnot respond awhile Yashoda dadi is peeking throw the door. She once again requests him to drive fast. While constantly trying her best to reach Manav wondering why is he not answering the calls.

Vibhav gets a call from Anarug, exclaiming Bajpayee has done a really bad deal as in order to save Holkar industries he is going to his own son., Manav stands in front of Vibhav who exclaims he has done something because of which his name should be placed in the Guniees book record,

as he kept Vibhav waiting for two and a half hours. Manav replies this was not him but his work details so Vibhav has one minute, Vibhav exclaims his team has decided that they must stop their own agendas and merge both Kapoor construction along with Holkar industries as the share prices would increase a lot,

Manav replies he has wasted his one minute as Holkar industries is not going to keep any relation with Kapoor construction, in clear words it is a big no from his side. Manav seeing the time asks Dadi is she fed Yatho when Dadi replies he did not come back till now, Manav calls the driver who comes explaining that he went to the school but reached a little late and by that time he was nowhere to be seen,

Manav gets frustrated questioning what sort of behavior is this so asks Dadi to look for his phone, she manages to bring it to him, he gets shocked seeing the missed calls of Sakshi mam. Manav wonders why did he not hear them, so he tries to call Yatho who doesnot answer, then he even starts calling yatho, Meera seeing the time leaves.

Sakshi mam is in the hospital when the nurse asks her to wait for some time. Meera comes o9ut asking what happened, he replies yatho did not come back till now.

Ayesha comes running informing Manav that Yatho got in an accident hearing which he is not able to believe it, he then once again tries to call Sakshi who questions where is he since Yatho is in the ICU, Manav asks the name of the hospital and leaves in shock.

Akanksha packing the jewelry when Bubbly exclaims the chain is really small so would not suite her so she is going to keep it, Akanksha refuses to let her mentioning at the present moment she has even less jewelry and needs it more then her,

seeing the present conditions she would need to borrow them from her, Bubbly questions what is she saying as she would soon become the owner of this house, she will get a lot more gifts but Akanksha replies even she doesnot know if that day is going to come and she would be the owner of this house,

Akanksha gets the call of Vibhav, she is shocked hearing that so questions the name of the hospital but Vibhav replies he is himself going to take her, the driver comes questioning why did he not tell them that he planned to kill yatho but Vibhav gets angry asking if he is mad and says they both have never met, Mr Holkar hears them both talking.

Vibhav reaches the hospital with Ayesha, he in shock asks about his son at the reception they both rush to stand outside the operation theatre when Manav asks how did it happen, she reveals the entire situation. He is about to fall down when they help him sit down, Manav blames himself mentioning it was his mistake but he was busy in his business meeting,

Yatho tried calling him but he did not answer it and the car also broke down, Yatho was coming by himself so got in the accident, Manav prays when Ayesha assures that Yatho would get better when Manav plans to go inside and as soon as he is going to call yatho, he would sit while fighting with him but both Sakshi mam and Ayesha inform that he is not allowed to go inside.

Mr Holkar apologizes to the clients explaining they need to end this meeting here since the son of Manav got in an accident, hearing this the associates also exclaim that the family comes first to which Mr Holkar is sure the offer which Meera and Manav would have given will be according to their desires.

Manav is crying sitting outside when Akanksha and Vibhav come running, she questions him what had happened to her son, Sakshi mam explains that when a child is hurt the person who feels the most pain is the mother, she is sure Akanksha would be the same pain as Manav, the doctor comes out when Manav asks how is Yatho,

he assures there is nothing to be worried about because he is in shock, Akanksha once again asks if Yatho did suffer any head injury. The doctor assures that there is nothing to worry about when Vibhav exclaims, he made a mistake by hoping Anarug would do everything as their plan.

The doctor mentions only two people can go to meet him at once when Manav asks Sakshi mam to come with him but she seeing Akanksha exclaims she must go first, Akanksha is standing with Manav when he explains it was all his mistake because he was so busy in his work that he did not go to pick up Yatho and also did not attend his calls,

Akanksha asks if he is realizing this mistake now when their son is in the ICU, she mentions she always took Yatho to the bus stop in the morning and even went to pick him up in the afternoon, she doesnot know a single day when she made such a mistake as when it relates to her son, she can never make any mistake. Akanksha requests him to stop this arrogance as he is a really good father but can never take the place of a mother.


Kaamna 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manav apologizes to Yatho exclaiming he is a bad father, Sakshi mam says even she needs to apologize with him but Yatho says they need to thank her as she is really lucky for him, he places her hand over Manav, they both look to each other.

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