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Kaamna 2nd May 2022 Neha mentions that she is going to reveal who has come to grace the occasion, she mentions that this Manav the CEO of Kholkar industries, while they also have Malti aunti who is his mother-in-law and Sakshi the wife of Manav, everyone is shocked.

Sometime earlier, yatho is with Ayesha, he is really worried wondering why is his father getting so late when Ayesha advises him to call Manav, Yatho questions why has he still not come since they all are waiting for him, Manav informs that Kholkar uncle has arranged for a small get together so he would be late but Manav says he can come with everyone after which they would also go to his favorite ice cream parlor.

Yatho goes to Sakshi mam revealing that Manav asked them all to come and so he has also excused all the guests with an apology. Sakshi decides to call him but he doesnot even answer her call which worries her, Ayesha mentions what is the problem as they would also celebrate it with Manav which was their intent all along, Sakshi agrees to go.

Manav is standing, he is really nervous when the waiter offers them drink so he refuses, Kholkar sir says to Shenoy that he is not sure about Manav because who knows he might be able to take the responsibility of such a big industry, Shenoy advises him to not be so impatient since he must give some time, and not forget that he is the same person who has defeated Vibhav Kapoor a lot of times.

Manav is standing when he sees Akanksha approaching the dice, Mr Kholkar is also shocked to see her while Vibhav wonders what is she doing there.

The employees start gossiping that she is his ex-wife, they wonder how would he manage to run the company when he was not able to control his own wife, Akanksha says she is glad that Kholkar industries has chosen him as the CEO, now the future of Yatho would be secure, she mentions she even has a surprise for him and it is that she is getting married to Vibhav Kapoor on 12th June, so he must come to prove that all the relations have ended between them.

Shidaph tries to take a drink, Vibhav scolds him saying he can enjoy the party later because if his attention is diverted from Manav then he would lose his job, he instructs Shidaph to change his direction when he witnesses the arrival of Sakshi mam along with Malti aunti and Yatho, he thinks that now the world would see his turmoil before anything good for him happens.

Shidaph goes to hand Neha the letter, when she reveals that his family has also arrived in the party, they introduce Sakshi mam as his wife, hearing which everyone is shocked. Vibhav is smiling when Akanksha questions he got married and did not invite her, she thought that he would have the courtesy to invite him,

Vibhav gets worried questioning when would she stop talking about their marriage when Sakshi mam tries to explain that she is wrong. Akanksha asks yatho is Sakshi mam is not his new mother, he replies she is a lot more then a mother, he calls her aunti which angers Akanksha.

Akanksha says this means that this woman is living with Manav without any legal relation so they can judge the truth of this relationship, Akanksha mentions he has a strong character. Everyone is really tensed including Mr Kholkar and Shenoy sir. The reporter’s question Manav what does he have to say about her blames. He stands in front of the reporters and Sakshi mam.

Ranay informs Vibhav what if his plan backfires against him, because Manav might marry Sakshi, Vibhav informs the injuries which Akanksha has inflicted on him would not let him marry anyone else. Manav says that he doesnot need any character certificate from a woman like her, she is already fulfilling all the duties of being the wife of Vibhav Kapoor even when they are not married, Vibhav exclaims this woman wants to face even more humiliation after what happened in the court, she is also ruining his name along with her own.

The reporters also try to ask a question from Akanksha when Manav says he first has a question for her, he questions who called them here, they reply his PR team after which Manav replies they don’t have to ask the uninvited guests any question, and if they feel like it then should go outside the premises,

Mr Kholkar starts smiling. Manav asks Akanksha to leave, she gets really angry when Akanksha questions which Kholkar is he talking about, whose salary goes from Kapoor industries, an employee replies that they have not got the salary for the past three months, Vibhav gets frustrated asking her to leave.

Manav turning to Neha asks her to first apologies to both Sakshi mm and Malti aunti for the blunder but then introduce them with a right choice of words, she introduces Sakshi as the special guest of Master Yatharth, Akanksha leaves in anger.

Manav explains that he first wants to request all those reporters who want a new story but only those who desire to be involved in a proper story remain, they all start talking and even praise Manav who mentions they have gathered here to discuss about the new prospects of the company.

Vibhav is talking with Ranay who explains that Manav has the leadership qualities, Vibhav however replies that he doesnot want any commentary, Ranay receives a text and he informs that the photographer has arrived, Vibhav is relieved thinking if everything goes as planned then Akanksha would be out of this house very soon.

Manav enters the house with everyone, Yatharth rushes to the sofa mentioning he was first while Ayesha explains she got second, Manav mentions he got really tired because today was really hot, Sakshi mam mentions she is going to set the plate when Manav also requests a glass of cold water, Manav informs Yatharth would not get the cold water after eating the ice cream,

Ayesha and Yatharth both start laughing, Manav asks what was the joke about, Ayesha replies it was not a joke but that Misses Bajpayee brought the glass of water for him, Manav also smiles replying they were laughing on the blunder at the party, Sakshi mam gets very serious when Yatharth exclaims their favorite teacher Sakshi Bajpayee, Ayesha says their favorite uncle Manav Bajpayee, Yatharth asks if he doesnot think that they look good together. Manav gets really nervous replying he feels his assistant made a big mistake while they can ask their teacher how she liked the incident in front of everyone.

Sakshi mam puts down the tray asking them both to calm down and eat the ice cream, she leaves while they both keep on laughing, Malti aunti questions what is going on in their mind, Yatharth explains they are planning something for their lifetimes because if they get married then Sakshi mam would get her Parth, Malti aunti exclaims it would be something magical when Ayesha replies she doesnot know if they both got the hint, Yatho exclaims he will go and ask Manav while they both should ask Sakshi mam the three of them start the plan.

Vibhav is sitting with Christopher when he asks if he doesnot think that Akanksha is beautiful, Vibhav explains that he would live with him in his house for the next two weeks and impress Akanksha by making her believe in the big dreams for her future, he questions what benefit does Vibhav have in it all, he replies one must only think about their own benefit and it is one million rupees for him, Vibhav advises him to start his mission right now by texting Akanksha.

Malti aunti is with Sakshi mentioning that this surname is not that bad, Sakshi replies that it is okay if they are joking but she saw how Manav defended the entire situation and cleared that she is just a guest, Malti aunti replies she also knows what she means to this house, by this house she is talking about the people. Sakshi replies she is glad to see her agree with this,

Malti aunti replies she always wants the best for her and is praying for the time when she gets married so she can go to the Yatra, Sakshi stops her saying she must never talk about it because she will not marry, Yatharth asks Ayesha what will they do now, she replies they have to now convince his father.


Kaamna 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yatharth going to Manav explains he is feeling Manav is lonely, Manav says he always has Yatharth with him but he replies that after the incident he feels they need a second Misses Bajpayee in this house, he suggests his father to marry someone else, Manav is shocked.

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