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Kaamna 29th December 2021 Manav standing infront of Maya says all these things cannot be a coincidence and if they are true then she is not a Mentor but something else, Akanksha questions what is he talking about,

Manav says that she is not saying anything when Maya replies that she did not think he would be so narrow minded, that event was organized to celebrate the achievements of models from different fields, Manav asks since when diamond ear rings are given as a prize, Maya questions if he knows what the model who got the first position received, Manav starts arguing once again,

Maya exclaims that there cannot be a more bigger agency then hers, she is able to get the models projects based on their profile, she thought Akanksha was glamorous so got her the ad. Manav says if she hired Akanksha because of her looks or the commission from Vibhav Kapoor, Akanksha apologizes to Maya saying that her husband cares more about the actions of another person then trusting his own life, she thinks he has gotten mad.

Manav in the room asks Akanksha if he has gotten mad, he is not questioning her talent but to not see the trap of someone is idiocy, Vibhav Kapoor is trying to find ways to give him bribe, Akanksha questions he should not say it because the project to Vibhav Kapoor got accepted and why would he try to give him the bribe, Akanksha is not able to answer it.

Manav says that he has decided but Akanksha would not work for Maya and Vibhav, Akanksha exclaims that he is a hypocrite since he says that he would always support her in her career but then himself is stopping her from working with Maya, if this is what he meant by standing with her then god save anyone from such help,

Manav explains he is not trying to stop her from working but doesnot want her to work with Maya, she says he means she should not stop breathing but stop inhaling oxygen. Akanksha exclaims that she blocked Vibhav Kapoor because of him but now cannot block everyone because of his insecurities, they both are stunned to see Yatho, Manav asks how the day was but he leaves.

Manav going into the room asks Yatho how the day was, he in a sad voice exclaims it was fine, Manav mentions he is sad after seeing them both fighting mentioning that Mama has gotten a role in a drama so they both were practicing, Yatho felt as if it was the real fight. Yatho turns asking if they were really acting,

Manav explains it is the truth when, he praises Manav for his good skills, Yatho explains that his teacher was asking about the fees for the trip, Manav questions what he said, Yatho said that he would bring it tomorrow so questions Manav if he would give him, Manav exclaims that he would surely give Yatharth the money for the trip, Akanksha coming says that Manav doesnot need to arrange the money since his mother already has them, Yatho exclaims his mother is a rich lady. Manav gets tesned.

Maya sitting with Vibhav Kapoor says that their ad has become a hit, and is trending on all the social media platforms, and the engagement of this post is larger then any other, how would it not have been since Vibhav hired such a strong PR, Vibhav exclaims the way she snatched the credit of someone else so should he scold or praise her, he explains the ad got successful because of the model, he asks if she believes he has any interest in the model, Maya questions if he would praise or scold her, he offers her to speak openly, she explains that he has fallen for a simple housewife. Maya explains Akanksha is pretty but just a housewife.

Vibhav exclaims that the one who just wipes off the dirt from the surface of the diamond is not a jeweller, but the one who goes to the mill and takes out the rock is the actual jeweller, so in this case he is the real jeweller, but this was the only interest he had, Maya said she feels that Akanksha would not be able to around her for long, Maya says that Manav came to her office and said that she would not work in any ad relating to the campaign of Vibhav,

she felt he was really angry, she advises Vibhav to go and talk with Manav so that Akanksha can work for him, Vibhav exclaims that he cannot do it since something happened between them both, and even then he could not go to her since Manav is a middle class person and he would not be able to accept the fact that his wife earns more then him, Maya agrees with him.

Manav asks Akanksha if she is really thinking about getting the cheque cashed, he says that he doesnot want that any money from Vibhav Kapoor should come into his house, Akanksha explains that this money is from her earning but Manav explains that when someone is paid more then their work means something really wrong is going on, Akanksha says that she doesnot know what he desires, she handing him the cheque exclaims that he should himself tear it but he says she would have to decide what to do with it but he doesnot want any money taken from Vibhav Kapoor to be spend on his son, he leaves assuring he would arrange the money.

Manav is with the principal who says that Yatharth is a really bright student and if he goes on this trip the it would be a good benefit for him since students tend to learn a lot from experience, Manav agrees but he requests if he can pay the fees after two days but they should allow Yatharth to go with the trip however he request if rejected as the principal says that if she shows favouritism to one student then it would be wrong with the others who are not able to go because of financial burden, she explains she can allow Yatharth to go with them if he manages to arrange the money before tomorrow morning when the busses leave.

Manav is driving the car in the night he wonders how he would be able to arrange the money, he doesnot even want to take the loan since he is tired of taking them, Manav decides to sell his car so shows it to a dealer, he sitting in the car tries to start it but it doesnot work, Manav even offers to sell it at thirty thousand but the dealer leaves without listening to him, Manav sits in the car saying that she deceived him, however it starts when Manav while crying exclaims that he would not be able to fulfil his promise, so the trust would surely end today.


Kaamna 30th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhav on the call says to Akanksha that she did an ad for his company but he is going to remove it and within twenty four hours the ad will not be see anywhere, Manav is walking when he on the newspaper sees the ad of Akanksha for the company of Vibhav Kapoor, he is really stunned.

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