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Kaamna 28th December 2021 Akanksha is sitting when the attendant comes mentioning she needs to check the fitting of the dress, the dresser exclaims that they will go outside and wait while she should change the dress, Vibhav Kapoor immediately turns his face exclaiming that he really likes her and even loves her honour so would not step over it until she accepts him.

Manav is with Ranay in the office, he exclaims that the deal is complete from their side, he hands Manav the papers who after seeing them in a low voice exclaims now he would not have to indulge with Ranay or Vibhav Kapoor, Ranay also says the same, he leaves after wishing that this new property lead to happiness and joy in the life of Manav, he thinks of informing Akanksha when the contractor calls him saying that some people have entered the bungalow, Manav talking with him asks for his name, he reveals he is the worker of Altaf bhai, and just came to visit the property, the contractor questions what should they do when Manav exclaims he is coming.

Akanksha is posing for a photo with her co-worker but the child is not smiling, she requests for a break then asks the girl what animal does she like, Sheel says she likes dogs and parrot, Akanksha mentions that when she is seeing the camera then a beautiful dog would come out of it, Akanksha asks her to look in the camera and starts tickling her, so that a beautiful photo is clicked, she after that says a parrot would come out, Akanksha is really enjoying when after the packup,

the artist comes praising Akanksha for her beauty and the ability to take care of the kids when Akanksha reveals that she is really good with kids because she has her own son, he exclaims he cannot understand she is a mother as it doesnot seem like it. Rhea comes running to Akanksha praises her for the beauty, when she replies that Rhea said she would come on time but got late,

Rhea assures she reached on time when everyone was praising her, Maya coming from behind exclaims Akanksha still has that fire, Akanksha introduces Rhea as the one and only true friend, Maya exclaims she has something for Akanksha so hands her a cheque, Akanksha is stunned to see that it is worth one hundred and fifty thousand rupees, she reveals that even after winning the title of beauty queen, she only got seventy five thousand as the highest payment,

Maya says a lot has changed in eight years, this is the beginning and they both would go a lot far away, Maya leaves, Akanksha asks Rhea to come with her to the dressing room, they are excited to see it when Rhea says she decided to ask how Manav agreed but seeing this cheque now feels that they should only worry about how she is going to spend it, Akanksha exclaims that she is going to spend it on the renovation of her bungalow and will give Yatho the money for his trip. Rhea thinks Akanksha should first think of helping Manav.

Manav is driving his car really fast, he is reaching the bungalow questions what are they doing here when Ibrahim exclaims he has come to see the bungalow because they have to know about the house which they need to occupy, Manav says that he has taken loan from Altaf and also a time to return it.

Manav is driving the car with Aansh when Aansh makes him understand that there is no need to go and complain against Altaf because this way he would become his biggest enemy and what would happen if Aknakha or Yatho were in the bungalow when they came, they need to return the amount to him in any case, Manav exclaims his salary is fixed and the expenses have increased to the extent that he is not able to understand anything, Aansh exclaims even he doesnot have such a large amount but Manav assures he is not asking him, he receives a call from Akanksha who asks him to come straight to the restaurant as she is waiting with Yatho.

Yatharth while sitting in restaurant asks Akanksha for new sunglasses since it is really hot, he even demands a new water bottle which she assures he can buy as she is now rich, Manav comes questioning what are they both talking about, she inquires why did he get so late, he says it was because of the traffic then reveals he has some good news for them so shows the transfer papers of the property, she gets really excited and shows him the cheque, he is stunned and immediately requests her to also make him get an ad, he starts looking at the cheque then questions what is this, he asks if she did not see that Vibhav Kapoor signed the cheque,

Akanksha says she got so excited that she never checked the name on it, Manav asks how can it be that she was completely unaware about who signed it, Manav asks she did not even knew at the shoot that she was working for Vibhav, she replies there was not any sign of his company at the shoot, Manav exclaims he is trying to find new ways to give him bribe, Akanksha exclaims that this money is because of her hard work, Manav questions if she really thinks that he would give a model who is making a comeback after eight years, he asks Akanksha to call maya as she would have known, Maya doesnot answer when he demands her address as he will inquire how did the name of Vibhav came on the cheque.

Vibhav in his house is praising the photos of Akanksha, Ranay mentions that he did not understand why he wrote his name on the cheque, Vibhav replies it is because that his name would create difference between both Manav and Akanksha as he wants it all to be in the open. Ranay says he still doesnot understand, when Vibhav exclaims that after seeing the cheque Akanksha would have been stunned while Manav would get angry because of his name, this would cause a fight between them both which is what he desires.
In the morning Maya asks Ronni how many likes have come on the photo of Akanksha, she is also really impressed with the likes,

she congratulates Akanksha mentioning she is a trend setter explaining that she is gem of her past, informing she published a still from the shoot and it got fifty thousand likes which is still counting. She says to Manav that no one can stop his wife from reaching the heights which she was made off, Manav asks if she knows and works for Vibhav Kapoor, Maya exclaims it can be said like that because he is her client however Manav exclaims it feels as if she is just a puppet in his hands, Maya gets angry when Manav explains that she is the secret Santa of Akanksha and then invited her to the party where Vibhav was the chief guest, then she hired her for his company, he doesnot seem that it is all a coincidence but that she is just working for him.


Kaamna 29th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Manav informs Akanksha would not work for Maya or Vibhav, she blames him for being a hypocrite since he encourages her to work and then says he will stand with her but if this is what he meant then god save everyone from such support.

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