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Kaamna 26th July 2022 Sakshi after hearing the door bell asks both Malti aunti and Yatho to act as if they are asleep, Akanksha and Swati also lie down, Manav standing at the door wonders why are they not opening the door, he enters after using his keys and is stunned to find no one is present.

Manav is stunned seeing they all went asleep at 10 pm so he once again locks the door. Sakshi sits up while Yatho prays that the condition of Akanksha stays healthy in front of Dada. Manav is shocked seeing Swati in the house, he is however glad that she came as now Akanksha would not be able to do anything by her own desires.

Manav sitting on the couch wonders how did they all went to sleep so early and even Sakshi did not call him for dinner, he wonders if they are worried because Akanksha but thinks he would have to do everything by himself.

In the morning Sakshi is serving when Manav suddenly comes, he wishes them all a very good morning when he notices something is wrong with Yatho so inquires why does he have this fake smile, yatho explains he just got tired yesterday. Manav mentions he is glad that Swati came here,

Yatho informs Sakshi Mumma called her, Manav says he knew only she could do something like this but where is she. Sakshi comes to sit beside him when he jokes how he thought he would not see her in the morning, he is however glad she decided to not leave them alone. Sakshi smiles but then gets tensed thinking it is not right to hide the illness of Akanksha from him. Akanksha asks if everyone came at the breakfast table,

Manav questions what is she doing in the kitchen when yatho informs she is making breakfast just as she did in Bhopal. Akanksha tries her best to act as if she is ill but Sakshi at once manages to help her, she serves the entire breakfast. Manav questions why did she not make the breakfast herself if the house help was did not arrive.

Akanksha mentions she is just here for a few days and so decided to make everyone feel comfortable. Akanksha requests them all to have the paratha, Yatho after eating it exclaims, they are really tasty.

Akanksha mentions she feels some people do not know how to give a compliment, Manav mentions that he has a news for them and wants to inform there would not be any delay in this decision, he explains that he is going to marry Sakshi on twenty ninth of July and the wedding would be in the day while reception in the night, Niharika would manage it all.

Yatharth requests Manav if they cannot postpone it after one month, but Manav refuses it so he wishes them both, Akanksha claps at this news wishing Yatharth all the best wishes for a new mother.

She exclaims he has given the decision while she would now give her decision, Akanksha exclaims she will do all the preparation from the bride’s side as they still have a lot to do, meaning buying the wedding dress and jewelry. She would not let anything wrong happen at her wedding. Akanksha requests them all for a selfie, she insists on coming as the bridesmaid. Manav looks to Sakshi but gets tensed thinking why is she still not happy even when he announced such good news, Akanksha leaves them all.

Manav leaning asks if he said anything wrong since she doesnot seem happy, Sakshi at once refuses that anything is wrong before leaving to help Akanksha. Manav leaves the breakfast table after making an excuse.

Niharika is working when Manav calls her, she mentions he would have surely called after making the big announcement. Niharika questions who was present there, he replies that everyone was there including those who are not supposed to be here, she doesnot understand so he reveals Akanksha was also present. Niharika questions what is the problem, he reveals that the person who should be happy is tensed while the other one is really excited, he reveals Akanksha is really happy but Sakshi seems tensed. He requests for a good advice. Niharika tries to explain that she might be trying to mend her ways just like Vibhav who got greedy but then realizing his mistake, he left to find out what he is capable off. Manav replies that he cannot trust certain people and words.

Manav thinks he should not ruin the mood after seeing them all enjoying, Akanksha offers them all sweets and he also tries to take one but Akanksha stops him, she explains since they both are about to get married then should make each other eat the sweets, Sakshi tries to refuse but Yatharth requests her to do for Akanksha’s happiness.

Manav feels as if Sakshi is not happy so thinks he should find the reason. Manav requests for some time alone with Sakshi since he needs to talk with her, Akanksha replies that he is about to marry her so should wait for some time, Akanksha at once exclaims she is just joking and they must give them both some private time.

Manav asks Sakshi what is the problem as she doesnot seem happy with the marriage, Sakshi tries to refuse anything is wrong when he replies that she till yesterday was worried that Akanksha is even staying here and now is walking around her. Sakshi is lost so assures everything is right, he gets frustrated so asks what is the matter and explains that he was able to understand her behavior till yesterday but cannot know what is happening now,

they both are about to get married and must share everything, she thinks how can she hide the truth from Manav, he explains he is tensed and cannot understand what is happening since first Yatho was trying to postpone the marriage and now she doesnot seem, happy. Sakshi requests him to not think like this as he is not at fault, Manav however leaves saying she can take all the time she desires. Sakshi in a state of distress sits on the couch.


Kaamna 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Akanksha kneeling in front of Manav reveals she wants to die while being his wife, she just wants another chance for a complete family. Sakshi is stunned while Manav is also worried.

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Telecast Date:26th July 2022
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