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Kaamna 25th November 2021 Mr Kapoor is standing when the sister of his deceased wife exclaims he has wrongly snatched the property of her sister so she will ruin him, she then leaves when he asks Ranay to see that she is now threatening to take him to court as she cannot do anything against him however Ranay exclaims they cannot stay away otherwise this would create problem for them, Mr Kapoor exclaims that they will reply but at the time when he likes because it is better to see the opponent in pain rather then to win the duel.

Akanksha exclaims the night when she ran away was the worst day of her life, Manav asks if she feels it was a mistake that she met him as this means she is not happy with him, she questions why is he talking like this as she meant what happened with her that night, she ran away from her mother because she tried to force her to compromise on things which she did not like, she doesnot want to meet her mother because she even today curses her father blaming that he ruined Akanksha by accepting everything which she desired, Manav is glad she revealed the real reason for not coming to Indore, Manav exclaims he thought she might have committed a murder or done a scam,

she getting angry sits on the table exclaiming he always tries to joke, Manav replies he was just trying to cheer her up, he apologizes. She explains Indore is the city in which she saw the big dreams but is also the same city in which they were ruined but she feels good about one thing regarding the city, that it forgot the old Akanksha just like her as the old Akanksha was not able to fulfil or live her dreams. Manav explains it is not up to them to change what had happened in the past, but they can cherish the moments together, he asks her to go and bring Yatharth till them he would plan something for them both.

Yatharth requests Akanksha to let him stay the night with Vinay because they have planned a lot of things and also made a house, Akanksha however refuses explaining they also have to go to the new school tomorrow however Amita coming also asks Akanksha to let Yatharth stay as both of them are really happy,

Amita receives a call from Manav, Akanksha wonders why did he not call her then realises she has left her mobile in the house, Manav asks if she went to bring back Yatharth to stay there herself, she replies he is not ready to come so Manav advises she should let him stay as then they would also get some time for themselves, he also requests her to bring some candles as there is no light.

Akanksha is walking towards her flat with the candles when Khushal jee stops her, he immediately exclaims he was coming to meet her so he can invite her, Akanksha questions what is he inviting her to, he explains that in their society they hold a pooja every six months in which they also have a lot of games so if she comes then he would also get happy, Akanksha feels awkward, Khushal jee explains since he is the president of the society then he is in charge of the entire preparation, Akanksha leaves, two women standing in the corner are talking when one of the mentions how she has seen her somewhere but is not able to recall it.

Akanksha entering the house calls Manav, she lights the candle but he doesnot respond, she walks into the bedroom calling him when suddenly the candle turns off which worries her, the lights then come on, she immediately starts smiling after the roses fall over her, Manav comes singing a song, he sits on the bed with her when she asks why is he in such a romantic mood, Manav asks her to take a tip down the memory lane with him when she was not his wife but Akanksha Awasthi,

the most sensational girl in collage whose fans were not only boys but also girls and he was her biggest fan, Manav stands picking a rose, he kneels asking her for a dance, she also agrees enjoying a lot with him, she is not able to control her smile feeling the emotions that exist between them both, he comes near her while she is standing against a pole, Akanksha turns to leave when he stops her holding her hand then covers them both with her dupatta, before picking her up in his arms, they both drink to the moment.

Akanksha lies down with Manav, smiling exclaiming that he will not change, Manav exclaims that her smile even tends to make this small flat seem like a big house, however Akanksha says this doesnot change the fact that it is a small house so he must not get too comfortable, she asks him to sleep now as they have to go to the new school of Yatharth which worries Manav, he then lies down to sleep, Akanksha also hugs him.

In the morning Akanksha along with Manav and Yatharth are with the principal, she is really impressed after seeing the academic achievements of Yatharth, she explains that he is a really bright student, she will be happy to have him in the school, Akanksha questions if there are extra circular activities in her school when the principal assures but Akanksha questions if she has any debate competition but she says they have planned it in the future which angers Akanksha however Manav calms her down,

Manav is with the teacher in front of the class of Yatharth, he requests to allow him to join the class today but Akanksha is not sure however Manav agrees so hands Yatharth some money so he can eat from the canteen today, Akanksha while walking with Manav mentions how she thought after his promotion she would get Yatharth admitted in a big school but this is the same school which doesnot have anything however Manav tries to explain this is a blessing for them as it is the middle of the year,

he replies it is not necessary that one achieves anything afgter studying from a big school as even he did not go to any big school but is doing okay in his life, Akanksha replies this is not what she desires for her son, she wishes that he should strive to achieve the best in life.

Mr Kapoor while playing Ranay what happened of his work, Ranay questions what does he mean, Mr Kapoor replies he is talking about that girl whom they met in the spelling bee, Ranay explains he met with a police men and got the footage of the car, before he can say anything Mr Kapoor exclaims then he would have gotten the name and contact number, he doesnot require the contact but just the name, Ranay replies the number plate was broken, Mr Kapoor bursts into laughter saying what is happening with him as the women whom he is trying to meet is not coming to him. he turns questions Ranay how he was not able to recognize her when she was right in front of him.

Manav is with his new boss who is serving him the dishes of Indore, mentioning how they are really well here, Manav cracking a joke asks if he has not mixed any sleeping pills in them, they all laugh when his boss exclaims how nice it would have been if he had signed the file of Kapoor construction just like that however Manav replies he has a rule that he doesnot talk about his work while eating.

Ranay replies he indeed recognized her, Mr Kapoor questions then why he not informed him, Ranay explains because she is married and even the mother of a son, Vibhav getting furious questions what then because he married his first wife even when she was also married, it is love, he asks Ranay to take care of the matter relating to the project while he will handle the problem of his love.

Manav thanks his boss for the lunch exclaiming he needs to leave as there is a lot of work pending especially because he has to find out the irregularities relating to the files of Kapoor construction.


Kaamna 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Akanksha walks with Yatharth when she drops her ear ring, Vibhav kneels to pick it up when Manav also comes, explaining they belong to him, Vibhav seeks permission to have a closer looks at them then offers to buy them however Manav refuses explaining they are too personal and belong to his wife, Vibhav replies he is offering him money but Manav explains the person who tries to buy everything ends up forgetting the value of anything.

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