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Kaamna 24th May 2022 Akanksha informs he was not settled in this house but his father has now resigned from his job which is why he brought the old car back since he cannot afford the company car, Manav warns Akanksha to not come at his house again and again when she threatens there is just a single moment when she appeals to the court, after which the custody of Yatho would be transferred.

Some time earlier Vibhav opens a bottle of wine exclaiming that there is a single thing to win over the enemy but another to destroy the person one by one which is what they have done to Manav, he cuts the cake exclaiming that even when all the cakes are sweet, this cake has another taste all together,

Ranay exclaims that now even after thirty days Holkar industries would be owned by Kapoor construction. Akanksha from behind exclaims that she would also be half owner of that company, Vibhav turning to Ranay exclaims that he has not even settled when the thieves have come to get it all,

Vibhav questions why is she still stuck in fifty percent because this entire Kapoor industries belongs to him including Vibhav, Akanksha mentions that he should have seen the face of Manav when he came back after losing to him to when he started yelling on her, threatening that she can no longer meet with Yatho.

Vibhav explains Manav would surely be angry because he has just resigned from his job hearing which Akanksha starts smiling as now, she would be able to get a lot close to Yatharth. Vibhav once again gets the text from Neha who informs him that even Meera has resigned from the office and is going with the files, Vibhav starts smiling.

Meera is walking out of the office when she receives a call from Vibhav who says that she should have come to him if she needed a job as he could have done this for her because of their friendship, Meera tries to end the call when he explains that he knows she is holding the original documents so she should give them to him,

Meera getting tensed questions how does he know about them to which Vibhav says she knows him better then that, he always keeps an eye on his enemies even if he is not close to his friends,

she ends the call going to her car when he once again calls her offering to give as much amount as she asks but he says she is going to give the documents free of charge to Holkar industries while he is going to give her fifteen crores for that same documents, Meera is in the car when he questions why is she thinking so she replies she needs the entire amount in cash, he insists on first checking the papers to which she agrees mentioning they will meet tomorrow at 2 pm in Indore club. Vibhav smiles.

Manav is helping yatho take a bath and then even helps him get ready with the school uniform when he explains that yatho is looking really handsome today, to which he questions why is Manav free today since he is always busy but Manav replies that today he is surely going to be free and even says there is one more magic, he shows the same car which they have seeing which Yatho gets excited.

Yatho goes to eat the breakfast when Dadi comes with Akanksha informing him that his mother has come, he replies he is glad that he is going to school. Akanksha replies that his father has done a lot of stupidity as he left this job even when Yatho was not able to adjust and he will be able to live with her but what about his father, Manav comes asking if he has eaten his breakfast,

Yatho questions if he left his job for him as there was no need so how would they manage, Yatharth goes inside when Akanksha tries to follow him but Manav stops her mentioning she has done a lot of damage for one day and he even says she must not come so often anymore, Akanksha asks if he really thinks he owns this house, she threatens saying he is just a guest in their house.

Manav replies that they would see it then but he must now have to send her a notice about the times and hours in which she can meet his son, Akanksha replies she just has to give a single notice to the court after which she will get the custody of Yatho, Akanksha sits on the sofa asking what has he thought about the future of her son, till then she is not going to leave this house when Manav sits down on the sofa threatening that she can do whatever she desires.

Ayesha calls Yatho asking him to come but he refuses when she informs that he can sit in his house meanwhile Sakshi mam would leave them all and get married. Yatharth gets really tensed hearing this when she exclaims, he should look into what needs to be done as she felt that Malti aunti was forcing Sakshi mam.

Sakshi mam is sitting with Malti aunti when she gets a call from Yatharth, she answers It when he congratulates her for getting married, he says that she can live peacefully after leaving him but he is not going to call her from now one. Malti aunti comes asking if she once again started meeting them which is why she is not marrying Anarug but she is also like her mother so is not going to let her ruin her life which is why she is going to call and fix her date, Sakshi mam tries insisting but Malti aunti doesnot listen.

Vibhav is sitting in the car, he calls Meera questioning where is she because he has the money that she needs in his car, she questions the car when he replies it is the same car in which they had a lot of memorable moments, he asks the car to which she replies that she is coming with two jeeps and they would surely arrest him, he threatens to not leave Meera when the officials ask him to open the trunk of the car.

Manav informs Akanksha that they are going to tell her the truth, Mr Holkar enters the house with Meera when Manav calls yatho outside as he has to explain something, Meera explains that he has not resigned meanwhile Vibhav is being arrested.  Meera informs that even she has not resigned when Akanksha gets a call so Manav asks her to answer it when Ranay informs that Vibhav has been arrested for keeping black money, Akanksha rushes out of the house.

Manav asks Mr Holkar to tell the officials they must raid the office of Vibhav, Mr Holkar explains he has already instructed them and even then Meera mentions she has also given them details about the original papers.

Meera after a while gets a text so reveals they have found the original documents, Mr Holkar hugs Manav in excitement. Yatho requests Manav to never leave his job because of him, Manav sits beside Yatho explaining that he has always been his strength and he has achieved this all because of the support of yatho otherwise children at his age are really stubborn and they donot care about what is going on, yet he really loves his Yatho. Mr Holkar and Meera are also joyed seeing their love for eachother.


Kaamna 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manav questions Yatho why is he so lost, he informs that Sakshi mam is getting married once again. Dadi asks Yatho if he is going to write a letter, Vibhav explains this is the last chance as they need to take Yatho away for four weeks, Akanksha in the night picks Yatharth while he is sleeping.

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