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Kaamna 23rd December 2021 Akanksha is trying the forest green colour explaining the combination is looking really good, Vibhav coming from behind exclaims that any colour which she selects would be looking good, she starts wiping off the sweat, when he exclaims, she should not do it as the raindrops looks on rose flower.

He mentions he came to take a look at the renovation work, mentioning that her choice of colours is really awesome, he asks if she has done any interior designing course, she replies this is just from some magines or online videos, Vibhav exclaims this why she has some freshness, her perspective is a lot different so he thought about sending his designers to her so then he would be able to get some profit, Akanksha questions why did he came to meet her, he replies that he saw the bright orange colour in the living room depicting the bright intention while on the other hand is the blue which shows calmness, she once again questions why did he come to meet her,

Vibhav exclaims she did not understand his question so he thought she was not free the last time when she came to meet him because she did not tell Manav about their meeting, she knows that they both have a lot of differences, she even then hid their accidental meeting. She says that he came all this way just to say this, Vibhav replies this is not it but he came to apologize to her since he understood that he was really rude as she just wanted to talk about this bungalow, but he left, he realized that it was his mistake so wanted to apologize and when she came to his office with her husband, she did not allow him so he was forced to come.

Akanksha says she did not want to talk about the party as the meeting was accidental, she is really grateful that he said those things about her but she doesnot want to think about them, and when he agreed to meet them on urgent basis then has repented for his mistake.

Vibhav exclaims she is trying to say, he should not come to meet her as it is not suitable, he turns to leave when she stopping him says that he is a really big business man and her husband doesnot like him so he would not like him coming to meet just her as she is a housewife, Vibhav says he will correct her as she has been a former miss Indore, and he thinks she can go to Miss India, Akanksha says he praises really well but she doesnot like that he comes here, Vibhav exclaims he knows he has a difference with Manav but accidentally he did a good thing for his business,

Manav coming from behind questions what is Vibhav Kapoor doing in his room, Vibhav exclaims they greet a guest when he comes to their house, Manav says he is not a guest and what he is doing is known as intrusion, Vibhav says he will tell Manav what he doesnot know and his wife came to meet him in his office for this bungalow because she has experienced the same incident which he suffered in the past,

Vibhav apologizes for the intrusion so turns to leave, Manav in anger says that he has now realized that he doesnot like him being here so he should never again come near his house or office, Vibhav exclaims that he is forgetting he owned this bungalow yesterday, so must not forget that Change is the only constant and it is the rule, Vibhav can have what Manav has today, Vibhav leaves thinking Manav has made a mistake by humiliating him Infront of his Kamna. Rhea thinks what Vibhav Kapoor is doing here.

Vibhav is punching the boxing bag with the photo of Manav saying that he has made a mistake by humiliating him in front of his Kamna, he doesnot know what Vibhav is capable off and can destroy Manav in seconds but he will not be satisfied with it, one day he would make sure that Manav comes to his room where he will be with Akanksha but he will welcome him in a grand manner, that Manav would not be able to forget even in his wildest dreams. Vibhav exclaims he would make Manav pay for what he has done.

Manav asks Akanksha why did Vibhav Kapoor came into his room, he claims to be a business tycoon but has no manners, Manav says he is playing a game while trying to ruin the image of Manav, Akanksha questions why would Vibhav Kapoor do this when his company is a really renowned company, Manav says when the ego of someone is hurt they can go to any extent, he refused to take the bribe from him, Vibhav is now trying to take revenge, Akanksha replies that he came to meet her, he has done a lot for her so what is wrong if she talked politely with him, Manav in anger says what was the need, Akanksha however refuses saying she cannot do anything like this since he has given the job to her brother and also lowered the price of that bungalow, Manav mentions now all the formalities have been completed so she should block his contact, he asks if she has a problem with it, she assures she has no problem and then blocks his contact.

Vibhav while drinking is looking at the photo of Akanksha saying that she would have some feelings for him since he gave her the discount and also the expensive gift, suddenly the Dp disappears when he gets tensed, wondering if she blocked his number, and then tries to send the message but is sure Manav might be behind it, he thinks he would find any other way.

Akanksha is sitting with Rhea, she asks if Akanksha thinks that he came to meet her, Rhea asks if a lot of coincidences happening now when Akanksha questions why is she also trying to be a detective when Manav is enough as he thinks Vibhav Kapoor is playing some game with them, Rhea starts smiling, Akanksha assures it was all just a coincidence, the contractors hands her the estimate for the repairing amount, she is shocked to see that it is 2.4 million, Rhea mentions it would be really stressful for Manav when Akanksha replies she would have to tell him as he will arrange the amount, just then the old associate of Akanksha comes from her modelling days.


Kaamna 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The associate says she has a Christmas gift for Akanksha, she hands her a contact mentioning they need a stunning housewife for their campaign and Akanksha is perfect for the job. Manav questions who gave Vibhav Kapoor the right to present his wife with a gift, since he doesnot want to have any relation with Vibhav Kapoor.

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