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Kaamna 22nd June 2022 Manav gets a call from Niharika, who mentions that she was checking the employee list and asks if they have made the right decision by hiring Sakshi since she seems a little out of place,

Manav reveals that ever since she came back to the office, this was her best decision and is saying this with experience since he has not seen a more confident women in his life, Manav mentions that even if his memory is lost then he would not be able to forget her since she is his strength,

Sakshi mentions even Yatho is his strength to which Manav mentions how can he forget the little Bajpayee, Sakshi goes back to her desk when she gets the call from Yatho, he asks if she is going to promise to not tell anyone. He reveals that tomorrow is the birthday of Manav hearing which she gets really excited but calms herself down,

she reveals that she makes really good milk cake, Yatho explains that Manav doesnot like it but she then explains she will make the ice cream cake which yatho says he also likes a lot, Sakshi says they will make the cake after waking up in the middle of the night.

Niharika at once announces that tomorrow is the birthday of their CEO Manav, and so they all are going to celebrate it with a grand party as even the Holkar industry has once again attained birth, she instructs Vibhav to arrange everything mentioning Ranay is going to supervise him. Vibhav wishes Manav for his birthday. Sakshi ends the call saying that she will talk with yatho later.

Vibhav seeing the opportunity takes the tissue to her mentioning how he feels really bad that Niharika ruined all of her planning, he requests her to wipe off the tears since he doesnot feel nice seeing her cry, Manav calls Vibhav from behind, he turns calling Manav sir who informs he is aware of the entire planning,

he warns Vibhav to take it as his last warning instructing he must stay away from Sakshi, Vibhav tries to ask a question, is Manav possessive about all the employees or is there something going on between them both which they do not know, Vibhav apologizes mentioning he got angry so he is getting the feeling of DejaVu,

of the time when he got close to his first wife and Manav threatened him as they say that History repeats itself. Manav mentions that History corrects itself if the people learn from their mistakes, he should have done it a long time ago but is going to do it now,

Manav slaps Vibhav in front of everyone. Niharika call Manav questioning and he goes asking what happened, she questions Manav about what is going on, Manav replies that she is asking him this question when she should be asking the person who should be in jail.

Vibhav explains that he was just talking with Sakshi mam but Manav is the one who slapped him and he got really angry, she should send him back to jail since here everyone is taking his anger on him.

Niharika in frustration questions why is he talking when they did not ask him any question, he doesnot have the right to talk with her as she knows how to run her own office. Niharika announces that everyone in this office would be respected and no one has the right to slap anyone else,

Manav immediately disagrees explaining that even if there should be certain rules and regulation, there are certain mistakes that should be punished on the same moment. Niharika also gets frustrated asking Manav if he is going to teach her how to run her company,

Manav replies he doesnot feel he made any mistake because if standing up for the right of a women causes hindrance to the rules of the company then they should be changed, he thinks there are a lot of changes in this company,

Niharika asks what are the changes when he says that there are certain people in this company who are just focusing on their personal agenda and taking revenge rather then focusing on the growth of the company, Vibhav explains that he is saying this because his problem was with Sakshi but he interfered in between their matter.

Sakshi requests Niharika mam to try and listen as Manav only slapped Vibhav because he was misbehaving with her, Niharika replies she should have come to her as then she would have surely taken the right decision not like Mr Bajpayee,

what relation does he have with her that he is doing so much for her, Manav explains he doesnot have to explain what relation they both have with each other, but there is one thing because until the environment of this office is changed and Vibhav gets punished for his crimes, he and Sakshi would not come back. Manav leaves taking the hand of Sakshi, Niharika is worried while Vibhav stands there smiling.

Yatharth rushes to open the door, he gets shocked asking how did both of them come so early saying it is good since he had something to talk with them both, Yatharth after making them sit together learns for a selfie, he forces them both to smile and asks Manav what sort of smile is this as he feels Manav has eaten some old vegetables.

Yatharth thanks his father and even turns to thank Sakshi mam, she signals him to take her name only as Mam. Manav questions why is he doing all this since this is so sudden, Yatharth runs into his room.

Yatharth after selecting the photo sends it to Ayesha who assures of taking care of everything else, Sakshi enters asking what is he planning but Yatharth assures he is not doing anything, she sits down with him informing that tomorrow his father is not going to his office so they would prepare a party,

Yatharth mentions this celebration would go for two days, she doesnot understand when he reveals there is also father’s day, Sakshi is really glad with this plan and agrees when Yatho gets tensed exclaiming how he prays that she becomes his official mother. Sakshi explains that he must give his father some more time since he is still not ready. She then asks if he has arranged any surprise when Yatho with a smile asks her to let it remain a surprise.

Sakshi goes to Manav with tea apologizing for what happened, he makes her sit down questioning what is she sorry for, she replies whatever happened in the office when Manav asks if she thinks he should have talked politely with Vibhav after how he was talking with her,

he says that people like Vibhav only understand when they get beaten and he cannot bear if anyone misbehaves with her and Yatho since they mean the most to him, Sakshi starts crying when he asks the reason, she says he cares a lot for them, Manav replies he cares the most for her and would not bear anything said against her,

she starts crying again so he explains that she is habitual of saying sorry and would be given the title of depressed queen, even when Malti aunti will wake her she would say sorry to her. Sakshi assures there would not be any sorry or thank you, Manav with a smile explains she has also become filmy after staying with the Bajpayee family.


Kaamna 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yatharth along with Sakshi and Malti aunti vow to give a big surprise to Manav on his birthday, Akanksha is really tensed in her house thinking Manav has not spent a single birthday without her.

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