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Kaamna 21st July 2022 Sakshi advises Manav to relax and give Akanksha the benefit of the doubt as both Vibhav and Akanksha are leaving their family, he asks what about the changed behavior of Yatho,

does she not think there is anyone behind it, Sakshi mentions that he took Akanksha back to her home on his birthday so was anyone behind it as he himself fought with yatho mentioning they should always take care of their humanity.

Manav exclaims he cannot understand as he gets really possessive when it comes to yatho because he never stayed away from him in the eight years so he gets worried, Sakshi goes to take out the ball from the drawer mentioning this ball is to relieve him from the stress, she with a smile mentions he would be able to sleep peacefully holding it.

Akanksha sitting with yatho on the bed exclaims they both are together after such a long time, she explains how he would come to sleep between her and Manav, she wishes he would also be with them as then she might live a little longer and that if he is near her then it is the biggest medicine,

she exclaims that it is just a dream but they both must get to sleep, she lies with yatho on the bed with a smile on her face. Swati calls her but seeing them asleep goes back outside to sleep on the sofa, she answers the call of Manav at the night, he apologizes for disturbing her so late but inquires what is yatho doing,

she replies that he is asleep. Manav explains he was worried since he has not stayed away from Yatho, Swati replies that she is his grandmother so there is no need for Manav to be worried, he invites her to the engagement party when Swati replies she cannot come because Akanksha has ended all the relations.

In the morning Yatho wakes up when the sun rays fall on his head, he calls the name of Manav but Akanksha explains he is with his mother, she mentions that she slept peacefully last night hugging him and so is really fresh, she is all alone with yatho today. Akanksha leaves advising him to freshen up and they would also make the pizza which he likes. Yatho hugs her in excitement.

Yatharth answers the call from Sakshi, she is really glad hearing the voice of him so explains he seems to be fine, Yatharth replies he is feeling great and even slept peacefully but he is worried about his behavior with Manav so wants to apologize, she replies they both would convince him together when he returns.

Yatho explains she doesnot know anything about it and he helped her express her feelings to Manav otherwise she would still be his best friend, Sakshi exclaims he gets all the credit when Manav comes so she asks what would he say if his father was present here, Yatho replies that he would explain that he really loves him and he is the best father, Sakshi stops him informing if he praises his father so much then he might not be able to accept it.

Yatho replies he knows his father would also prove to be a good husband while being the best father, she agrees explaining if this is not the case then they both would make it happen, he agrees with Sakshi when Manav replies that he loves him the most so he should agree with him. Yatho agrees to come back on time.

Sakshi instructs Manav to focus on his eating since he did not have any dinner last night, he asks her to first agree on what he must eat either her scolding or the food, she replies these are potato filled tortilla so he should just focus on it,

Manav in shock exclaims she has started acting like the wife after their engagement so what happened to their polite and calm Sakshi mam, she asks if he wishes to have the same Sakshi then she can break the engagement, Manav mentions she can even use slangs to call him but must not talk about ending it, he slowly exclaims she looks good while acting like his wife.

He seeing her smile asks Malti aunti to apply the tika. Sakshi exclaims he was looking like an old man yesterday when Manav exclaims he would be looking like an old man yesterday but she laughs hearing the joke. He however is serious when Malti aunti requests them to stop arguing and save some energy for the party.

Akanksha is feeding yatho, she suggests they should make a list of his favorite dishes as she wishes to shower all of her motherhood in the days she has left, Yatho replies he knows she stopped him but she should allow him to just tell Manav as he can surely help her, Akanksha thinks that if Manav finds out then he would surely try to find the truth.

Akanksha replies that she doesnot want anyone to find out as then Manav would have gotten tensed, she asks him to wait and coming back mentions she has marked the time that she has left with him, he starts crying asking her to not be so tensed.

Manav suddenly wakes up from his sleep and is stunned seeing the time, he is shocked to see the decoration and asks why did they not wake him, she replies how could she wake him when he was sleeping, he agrees to help her in the decorations then brings a box containing all the photos that Yatho has with him and his Sakshi mumma along with Malti aunti,

Sakshi stands to apply the photos when she is about to fall but Manav catches her mentioning there are still a lot of memories to be made, they all sit down after ending the decorations when he wonders why has Yatho not returned till now, Sakshi asks him to call yatho but then he calls Manav from the door. Sakshi rushes to hug him and Manav exclaims they were waiting for him but they are shocked seeing Akanksha standing behind him and even the decorations fall.

Sakshi is stunned, yatho enters with her when he reveals he did not tell him but she is going to stay with them for some time, Manav asks what is the reason and they talked about it before so he asks Akanksha what happened as she said she would not come in their lives and will stay away from yatho and him, she apologizes for coming uninvited and even his party got spoiled but she only came because yatho insisted that she accompany him, she exclaims she can leave if he feels angry on her arrival.

Akanksha kneeling with yatho exclaims this is what she feared as no one is happy, she cannot stay here but her good wishes are with him and his new family.

Yatho is tensed when Akanksha is about to leave, she prays that he should stop her and so starts walking out the room. She thinks he should do something otherwise she would have to do a drama. Yatho calls her as Mumma when he rushes to hug her which worries everyone but Yatho goes to hug her, he bringing her back requests Manav to come inside as he wants to talk in private. Manav refuses to go but Sakshi assures there is no any problem.

Sakshi offers Akanksha to sit down, she exclaims she only came here because of yatho and never wants to ruin their family. Akanksha seeing the decorations prays for them all to have a happy future, she inquires what is the date for the wedding. Sakshi leaves informing Manav jee would decide it.


Kaamna 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manav questions why does Yatho want her to stay with them even after all that she did to them, Yatho exclaims even he would not live if his mother cannot stay in this house, he starts packing his bags leaving Manav stunned.

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Telecast Date:21st July 2022
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