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Kaamna 21st January 2022 Akanksha enters the room when her mother questions why has she come back so late, Akanksha questions what is she doing in her house, she replies that when his mother will not take care of her son then his grandmother has to take responsibility of him,

Akanksha questions that she was busy in her work so has no interest in listening to her lectures, she replies that whenever someone tries to teach her something, she feels that it is a lecture, Akanksha goes inside to see Yatharth when Manav assures that he will look after it, Manav stops Akanksha from waking Yatharth as he was really scared, she leaves after seeing her son.

Akanksha is in the room, she questions what is her mother doing here when Manav replies that she should only be worried about his trust which she has broken and that their son is hurt, Akanksha replies she did nothing to break his trust, since the venue was changed by the team, the director felt that if she dressed as

Niharika then would be able to play the character really well, she had no part in it, Manan replies that no one forced her to do this, Akanksha reveals this is the demand of her work so she was forced to wear such clothes and if would do it again if the work demands, Manav in anger replies he feels their relation has no meaning for her anymore.

Akanksha getting worried assure she will never break his trust, he taking his hand pulls him to the room of Yatharth and placing her hand over his head vows to never break his trust, no matter what the intention of anyone is, she will not cause any pain to their relation, she questions if he will trust her now,

Manav replies the relation is also saved because of this string of trust, if the string breaks then she should know this relation has also broken, and it is her duty to protect it, they both hug each other when Akanksha thinks that she needed to end the suspicion of Manav otherwise he would not have allowed her to take part in the play, and she cannot let anyone stop her from reaching the position which she desires.

Akanksha comes out of the bathroom when Vibhav texts her, she seeing it decides to reply as soon as possible otherwise Manav would get really angry if he sees this text, she then replies turning the mobile on silent, Vibhav thinks this means that she has started hiding the truth from Manav so he would really soon get to taste the truth.

In the morning Akanksha reaches the house, where Vibhav is standing with Ranay, Maya coming from behind exclaims his smile is a little wild today so what is his plan, Vibhav replies that he has loved the statue of stone, he wants to pray and so today is the day in which the rehearsal would be mind blowing, Maya appreciates him when the director calls Vibhav and Akanksha on the stage.

The director asks them both to take the stage, Vibhav acts informing Niharika that she can own everything of that empty room, including his heart, he kneeling Infront of her questions if she is ready to accept him, she replies he has a charm which has forced her to think of him, she accepts that she is married and even a mother but these cannot stop her from spending the rest of her life with him,

their life has been written together, he exclaims he loves her so kisses her on the cheek, Akanksha along with everyone else in the room is shocked, Maya is not able to see it, Akanksha gets really furious so pushing him back slaps Vibhav really hard on the face, Vibhav thinks that it is Niharika, he acts as if he did not know the difference between Niharika and Akanksha who in anger replies that in the script it was only a hug so why did he kiss her, Vibhav apologizes saying this play means the most to him since,

he felt as he was with his wife Niharika, he requests if she can forgive him and forget it all, however Akanksha replies that she cannot forget it so leaves the rehearsal, Vibhav thinks that the soon he takes the first step is when it will all start.

Akanksha is walking when she reaches a stall of Pani puri, she insists on the vendor to make it really bitter, but doesnot really like it, she adds a lot of the spice in it and then drinks the spicy water, recalling how she vowed to not let anyone harm their relation, she gives a lot of money to the vendor before leaving.

Akanksha is standing Infront of the house, thinking how Vibhav Kapoor tried to get close with her, she hears that someone is in the house so wonders who would be here at this time, she enters when Manav is with Yatharth cooking in the kitchen.

Akanksha questions why he did not go to school, Manav informs he allowed Yatho to take the leave since he would not become an idiot in a single day, Yatharth questions why she came back early, Akanksha replies that she also felt that she must come back early to take care of him, Yatho demands they both kiss him, Manav sends Yatho away with the mobile.

Manav realizes that something is wrong so questions what has happened with her however Akanksha assures there is nothing wrong, Manav exclaims he feels she has cried so questions if Vibhav misbehaved with her, Manav replies he warned her to not get close with him since he is not a nice guy,

Vibhav demands that she tell him the truth since it is not right, Akanksha however replies she herself doesnot want to work in this play anymore, since the story line is not up to the mark and even the director thinks that he is working in Hollywood, Akanksha demands some time for herself however Manav refuses saying he planned they would go to ice cream parlour and she cannot make any excuse, he calls Yatharth to come and drink the juice, meanwhile he will come after completing some urgent work in the bungalow.

Maya calls Akanksha to come and meet her as it is urgent, Maya questions if she told Manav about the incident, Akanksha replies she has not till now, Maya is glad as otherwise he will place a restriction over it, Akanksha mentions Vibhav himself has ruined everything with his actions today,

Maya tries to reason with her saying this is normal for an actress since Vibhav always says that he feel she is just like his wife so why does she not let it go, she herself has seen how he always asks Alokda to change the scripts, Akanksha replies even then he doesnot get the right to misbehave with her, Maya mentions that he is a really big businessman and has a lot of women, if he wanted to kiss her then why did he not do it in private, Maya asks her to inform her so then she will talk with other actresses. She leaves mentioning Akanksha would have to return the advance hearing which she gets tensed.


Kaamna 22nd January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manav questions who Akanksha is talking to in the middle of the night, Akanksha turns back in nervousness. Vibhav informs Manav what happened if his wife is not able to stay away from him, Manav holds him by his collar when Vibhav shows Manav that Akanksha is calling him.

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